Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sorry for being MIA, life gets in the way of blogging at times. Hell I didn't even do an iPod Friday last week. School has started back up, so now I'm focused on pushing through these last two semesters and I'll be all done. Of course I was at the Pats game on Sunday and I haven't been right since Brady went down. Don't get me wrong, I'm backing Matt Cassel, but it's like a small part of went cold at the moment Brady went down. Not because of my love of Brady, but just because the event of seeing the Patriots has always been a great bonding experience for my Dad and I, and although there are still plenty of games to see, when something so enjoyable almost feels like it has been taken away, all the potential memories to be remembered for this season seemed to have disappeared. But who know, Cassel could be another amazing sub that just needed his chance to shine.

At work the other day a co-worker asked me if I was bringing my wife on a business trip, to which I responded "I'm not married." Strangely, I was quite pleased to have someone think I was married. Not sure why, but maybe it was just good knowing someone out there thought I had the right characteristics to be married. Idk, but like I said, inwardly, it made me happy.

Other than that moment, the last three days have been so dull and lifeless. I'm in a funk and I'm not sure why...I haven't been going out. My nights consist of cooking, watching tv, smoking a butt on the balcony and bed...hell I didn't even go out over Labor Day weekend...I didn't think I'd need another recharge this soon after my VA trip, but who knows...

So I'm starting to lean more towards Obama in the election. Although I'm fiscally conservative, in the grand scheme tax breaks for big business or for the middle class aren't going to really effect me as an individual. Especially within the next eight years. So if I don't care about the fiscal outlook, why Obama? I'm socially liberal. I'm pro-choice, a supporter of gay marriage, thinks creationism is silly (even as a Catholic) and probably am on the left of any other social issue out there. So if fiscal policy is a wash for me, I have to make a decision based on some value, and social platform is where I think I'm heading.

Okay, now I have to read for class tonight, I might actually have to buy a Red Bull to get through the next 4 hours before I can head home...wish me luck...

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