Monday, August 4, 2008

Lucky Me

Over last the week I've been pulled over my officers of the law twice. It's kind of crazy considering I haven't been pulled over in several years, but luckily I didn't get a ticket either time. I have no idea how I've been so fortunate with them, but something has been on my side. The first cop pulled me over for not stopping at a stop sign. Where I work, drivers have to be very aggressive and on my street in particular people actually roll past the stop sign and sit waiting to turn in the cross street. My belief is that if I'm actually at the stop sign waiting and I'm behind a car that rolled through it, I should be able to turn as soon as the car in front of me does, not necessarily wait another 3 seconds before pulling off. Well, this cop obviously didn't agree. Anyway, he pulls me over, asks when the last time I had a moving violation was, and I answered never. Which is according to my driving record is correct. He said "Okay, we'll keep it that way." To my shock, I was getting off, not even with a warning. I apologized and headed off.

Saturday night/Sunday morning I'm coming home from the Springsteen concert. Which by the way was phenomenal. I wasn't even a big Boss fan but my friend the Queen (no this is not a reference to a gay man) had won tix and offered them to me so that I could take one of the prospects. Side note: I'm a total Springsteen fan now, I would see his show anytime he comes to Boston. I rarely buy CDs, the last two I bought were American Gangster and Graduation, but I totally plan on getting Magic now. I digress, so I'm driving, not drunk as I had time to sleep off the beer since we were stuck in the parking lot for 2 hours and then had another hour to drive to get my car from my buddy's place. I'm tired and just trying to get us home and I guess I just wasn't paying attention because I was doing 65 in and 35, which is the equivalent of a $300 ticket. I get pulled over, I'm worried about the beer on my breath, and the fact that it's 3:15am. The Trooper asked me if I knew why I was being pulled over. I respond that I didn't know. He says he would have let me go if I had just said speeding. I don't think you're ever supposed to admit to guilt though. Anyway, we have some friendly banter, he basically wanted to see how much father I needed to go before getting home. He can tell I'm not drunk which thankfully I really wasn't. He goes back to his car, comes back, hands me my license and registration and lets me off. He basically just says to slow it down. I thank him for his leniency and that take off. I have no clue why he let me go. Maybe just being respectful and apologetic really does get you far with some officers/troopers.

So they say good/bad things usually happen in threes. I really just hope my third good thing doesn't involve the police again.

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