Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life Ain't Always Peaches N' Cream...

So last night threw me for a loop. I had just gotten home from a semi-successful fantasy draft when I find the Banker in his room with the door open drinking out of a flask. I'm saying to myself this can't be good, I mean we do have glasses. Honestly, that was my thought process. So I go into his room, ask him why he's drinking out of a flask and with a tear rolling down from his eye he says "It's been a rough night. I found out that my little brother is dead." WHOA! I toss my keys and cell phone on his desk and my laptop bag to the floor and just have a seat in his chair. I couldn't even say "I'm sorry." The kid was 24 years old and had a lot of demons. I won't get into them simply out of respect for the dead and my roommate. Regardless of the kid's past, the idea of someone so young passing away hits me hard. The Banker felt guilty that he didn't try hard enough with his kid brother, and that he wrote him off at times because of the things he put the family through. But of course DCD has to turn into the logical, unemotional rock and remind him that you can't control the past, just the present, and that everyone makes their own decisions when it comes down to it. What lead to his brother's death was a series of bad choices culminating into an ultimate selection which most likely cost him his life.

My best friend as a kid died when he was 24 from a staph infection. Ever since then the deaths of those younger than me has really hit home. I used to think that it was God's Will to take a life before we thought it was their time, and honestly, the Catholic in me still believes that for the most part. But I know if I had heard that news about my brother or sister I couldn't justify it with religion. I would be angry and distraught. Hell, I was angry driving into work this morning just at the concept of getting that type of news. It's so cliché, but we need to make time for those we care about. I went boating/fishing with my fam last Saturday. My parents were so thrilled to have their three children around at the same time actually doing something unified as a group. I was particularly happy to spend time with my fam because whenever I visit home, my bro has his people over, my sister just stays in her room and talks to her friends, mom cooks and my dad and I bend our elbows at our bar. I'm not trying to preach this to anyone, cause anyone with any sort of love for people already knows this stuff, I just needed some therapy today, and this is a lot cheaper than seeing a shrink.

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