Friday, August 15, 2008

iPod Friday

Crazy week. Actually I think I forgot to mention last week that I got a promotion at my job...say word...word! But like they say, the more money you make the more problems you get...well I guess this isn't a big problem, but my phone won't power on, and I don't have Sprint's insurance, just the manufactures. In 10+ years I have never had a problem with a cell phone so why pay the extra $7 a month? The solution to getting it fixed is to mail the phone to Alabama and wait 2 weeks for them to fix it. Honestly, I'd rather just buy a new phone. Of course since I bought the phone less than a year ago, I don't get any automatic discounts, and since most Sprint phones suck, all I want is either a Blackberry or an Instinct. So I'm debating on whether or not to drop $300+ on a phone, which I think is ridic. I gotta call Sprint today and threaten to move to Verizon to see if they’ll hook up a loyal customer. Anyway, let's rock out with our cocks out, just kidding, but we are going to rock out...

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