Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everything I Love: My Apartment

My apartment is the shit, plain and simple. Back in May me and my roommate, who shall be known as the Banker, moved into our place and it's been the good life ever since. The central air is great, even though I prefer a cool breeze from outside. The kitchen is totally modern and we're within a stone's throw of a ton of restaurants and bars. We have individual bathrooms which is crucial with two dudes that eat a lot of crap. An in unit washer and dryer, but the best part is my balcony. Every night I take a few minutes to go out there and just chill. Of course this has contributed to me smoking once or twice a night, but I'm not going to have this balcony for long and I'm going to take full advantage of the warm weather. When it starts getting cold, going out there will become a rarity. Plus, the Banker and I initially said we would just do this for a year before buying our own places. I'll probably get a condo closer to the city and he'll probably buy a single family more towards Metro West. Nothing really funny or deep about this, but it's been awhile since I've actually professed some appreciation for something in my life.

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