Friday, August 29, 2008

iPod Friday

I can't believe it's Labor Day weekend...although summer is not officially over, it certainly feels like it is. School buses will be back on the streets, no more summer hours at work, MBA classes are starting up again, just not a fun time...and I'm already exhausted and the weekend hasn't even kicked off...well, let's watch some videos...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life Ain't Always Peaches N' Cream...

So last night threw me for a loop. I had just gotten home from a semi-successful fantasy draft when I find the Banker in his room with the door open drinking out of a flask. I'm saying to myself this can't be good, I mean we do have glasses. Honestly, that was my thought process. So I go into his room, ask him why he's drinking out of a flask and with a tear rolling down from his eye he says "It's been a rough night. I found out that my little brother is dead." WHOA! I toss my keys and cell phone on his desk and my laptop bag to the floor and just have a seat in his chair. I couldn't even say "I'm sorry." The kid was 24 years old and had a lot of demons. I won't get into them simply out of respect for the dead and my roommate. Regardless of the kid's past, the idea of someone so young passing away hits me hard. The Banker felt guilty that he didn't try hard enough with his kid brother, and that he wrote him off at times because of the things he put the family through. But of course DCD has to turn into the logical, unemotional rock and remind him that you can't control the past, just the present, and that everyone makes their own decisions when it comes down to it. What lead to his brother's death was a series of bad choices culminating into an ultimate selection which most likely cost him his life.

My best friend as a kid died when he was 24 from a staph infection. Ever since then the deaths of those younger than me has really hit home. I used to think that it was God's Will to take a life before we thought it was their time, and honestly, the Catholic in me still believes that for the most part. But I know if I had heard that news about my brother or sister I couldn't justify it with religion. I would be angry and distraught. Hell, I was angry driving into work this morning just at the concept of getting that type of news. It's so cliché, but we need to make time for those we care about. I went boating/fishing with my fam last Saturday. My parents were so thrilled to have their three children around at the same time actually doing something unified as a group. I was particularly happy to spend time with my fam because whenever I visit home, my bro has his people over, my sister just stays in her room and talks to her friends, mom cooks and my dad and I bend our elbows at our bar. I'm not trying to preach this to anyone, cause anyone with any sort of love for people already knows this stuff, I just needed some therapy today, and this is a lot cheaper than seeing a shrink.

Friday, August 22, 2008

iPod Friday

Well, this isn't a true iPod Friday...I decided to work from home since the majority of my office is out on vacation or just taking a long weekend to enjoy the this morning I didn't actually pump up the jams, instead I did laundry. Anyway...just some music that matches my life right now...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everything I Love: My Apartment

My apartment is the shit, plain and simple. Back in May me and my roommate, who shall be known as the Banker, moved into our place and it's been the good life ever since. The central air is great, even though I prefer a cool breeze from outside. The kitchen is totally modern and we're within a stone's throw of a ton of restaurants and bars. We have individual bathrooms which is crucial with two dudes that eat a lot of crap. An in unit washer and dryer, but the best part is my balcony. Every night I take a few minutes to go out there and just chill. Of course this has contributed to me smoking once or twice a night, but I'm not going to have this balcony for long and I'm going to take full advantage of the warm weather. When it starts getting cold, going out there will become a rarity. Plus, the Banker and I initially said we would just do this for a year before buying our own places. I'll probably get a condo closer to the city and he'll probably buy a single family more towards Metro West. Nothing really funny or deep about this, but it's been awhile since I've actually professed some appreciation for something in my life.

Friday, August 15, 2008

iPod Friday

Crazy week. Actually I think I forgot to mention last week that I got a promotion at my job...say word...word! But like they say, the more money you make the more problems you get...well I guess this isn't a big problem, but my phone won't power on, and I don't have Sprint's insurance, just the manufactures. In 10+ years I have never had a problem with a cell phone so why pay the extra $7 a month? The solution to getting it fixed is to mail the phone to Alabama and wait 2 weeks for them to fix it. Honestly, I'd rather just buy a new phone. Of course since I bought the phone less than a year ago, I don't get any automatic discounts, and since most Sprint phones suck, all I want is either a Blackberry or an Instinct. So I'm debating on whether or not to drop $300+ on a phone, which I think is ridic. I gotta call Sprint today and threaten to move to Verizon to see if they’ll hook up a loyal customer. Anyway, let's rock out with our cocks out, just kidding, but we are going to rock out...

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Got to Have It

So EB and I were talking about how couples living together can go weeks at a time without having sex and basically think nothing of it, yet singles and couples that see each other maybe 2-3 times a week really notice how long it's been since they have had sex. Singles in particular because they never really know when their next piece of ass will show up. This came up because as of today it's been 16 days since I've done the do. I'm pretty much freaking out about this as this is probably the longest draught I've been in since February. But when I was living with the Ex I could do 2 weeks without blinking. Now I can't sleep at night. Oh and let me include that I'm basically having a self imposed "Contest" with myself. For those of you that are not familiar with this term, you should be ashamed, but basically it figures out how long you can be "master of your domain." Why am I doing this? I have no idea, but honestly, after 5 days I can't sleep. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't get back to bed.

Anyway, so I'm thinking couples that live together don't think about the time between sex as much because they get in routines. You go to work, come home, eat dinner, talk about your day, maybe the guy watches a game and the girl reads, the girl does all her pre-bed practices while the guy watches more tv, the girl goes to bed and the guy follows when the game is over. Rinse and repeat. You both know you're there and if one person makes a move chances are you'll copulate, so maybe couples take it for granted. Sometimes it turns into a "we should have sex because it's a special occasion" thing or you went to a party and both people got really drunk. Actually, it's not that bad, because there is no pressure to ever make it happen. As a single, you might have one shot to close the deal and that's when there hasn't even been an opportunity to get in there the mind starts to panic. So since I'm in this valley so to speak, the Contest will hopefully give me that "the longer you've been without it, the less you miss it" feeling. But for some reason I feel like there will be a lot more sleepless nights before that happens...

iPod Friday

Yet another Friday is upon us…God the weather has sucked up here lately…that gets a playa depressed…dead day in the office, so I’ll be able to post about a convo EB and I had the other day…

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lucky Me

Over last the week I've been pulled over my officers of the law twice. It's kind of crazy considering I haven't been pulled over in several years, but luckily I didn't get a ticket either time. I have no idea how I've been so fortunate with them, but something has been on my side. The first cop pulled me over for not stopping at a stop sign. Where I work, drivers have to be very aggressive and on my street in particular people actually roll past the stop sign and sit waiting to turn in the cross street. My belief is that if I'm actually at the stop sign waiting and I'm behind a car that rolled through it, I should be able to turn as soon as the car in front of me does, not necessarily wait another 3 seconds before pulling off. Well, this cop obviously didn't agree. Anyway, he pulls me over, asks when the last time I had a moving violation was, and I answered never. Which is according to my driving record is correct. He said "Okay, we'll keep it that way." To my shock, I was getting off, not even with a warning. I apologized and headed off.

Saturday night/Sunday morning I'm coming home from the Springsteen concert. Which by the way was phenomenal. I wasn't even a big Boss fan but my friend the Queen (no this is not a reference to a gay man) had won tix and offered them to me so that I could take one of the prospects. Side note: I'm a total Springsteen fan now, I would see his show anytime he comes to Boston. I rarely buy CDs, the last two I bought were American Gangster and Graduation, but I totally plan on getting Magic now. I digress, so I'm driving, not drunk as I had time to sleep off the beer since we were stuck in the parking lot for 2 hours and then had another hour to drive to get my car from my buddy's place. I'm tired and just trying to get us home and I guess I just wasn't paying attention because I was doing 65 in and 35, which is the equivalent of a $300 ticket. I get pulled over, I'm worried about the beer on my breath, and the fact that it's 3:15am. The Trooper asked me if I knew why I was being pulled over. I respond that I didn't know. He says he would have let me go if I had just said speeding. I don't think you're ever supposed to admit to guilt though. Anyway, we have some friendly banter, he basically wanted to see how much father I needed to go before getting home. He can tell I'm not drunk which thankfully I really wasn't. He goes back to his car, comes back, hands me my license and registration and lets me off. He basically just says to slow it down. I thank him for his leniency and that take off. I have no clue why he let me go. Maybe just being respectful and apologetic really does get you far with some officers/troopers.

So they say good/bad things usually happen in threes. I really just hope my third good thing doesn't involve the police again.

Friday, August 1, 2008

iPod Friday

It's getting harder and harder to find videos on YouTube that can be posted, I might have to start looking elsewhere for these jams. I really hate the still photo with the track in the background...