Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From Now On, You Only Pee While Sitting Down

So today I decided to go to the 6th floor to use the bathroom. I just saw a lot of people in the 8th floor bathroom today and just felt dirty in it. Plus the 6th floor always seems cleaner, has more light and smells better. Anyway, I'm down there clearing some room because I have a business related dinner tonight and someone else comes in. He goes into a stall, sits, pees, gets up and leaves the bathroom without washing his hands. Point 1) do men actually sit down to pee? That's part of the beauty about being a man, we can stand to pee. And it's not like the urinals were full, no one else was in the bathroom. Point 2) dude passed gas, even if nothing solid or liquid came out, I would think you do a wipe for sanity sake. Point 3) does peeing while sitting absolve guys from washing their hands? I seriously hope not because you still have to touch your business when you sit. Idk, just odd stuff in the men's room today.

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