Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ooo, Ahh, Eeee, Exercise...

So in my on going search to find an exercise program I can stick with I fell on this, one hundred push ups in 6 weeks. I can usually do sit ups til the cows come home and I want to incorporate running into this program, but I hate lifting and I figured push ups really are the ultimate form of exercise. So the goal for this program is not to simply do 100 push ups, but to do 100 push ups in a row at the end of 6 weeks. Now when I was a kid, and 70-80lbs lighter, I could bang out 30-40 push ups after practicing whatever sport I was involved in at the time. Now, getting to 25 is a chore.

I started the program last night, and it was surprising. Like I mentioned above, I can still get through 25 straight, but this program has the individual do 5 sets of push ups. The first day consisted of a set of 10, then another 10, then 8, 6 and 7. So I did the first 10, took my 60 second rest, started with the next 10 and my arms were already feeling rubbery. After the third set I was feeling a real burn...I don’t know all the mechanics of working out, but these mini sets hurt so much more than just going non stop. By the final set I had to just rest in the push up position before I could finish the last two.

Anyhoo, DCD is getting naked too often not to be in better shape, so hopefully I'll maintain this and use my blog as a way to stay true to the program.

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