Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I was wondering if I’m addicted to women. Not addicted to sex, seriously I don’t even masturbate everyday (and I don’t shave everyday either) but genuinely addicted to women like some people have alcohol addictions and others gambling, I think I have a true addiction to women, or at least the female form. I’ve told people in the past that I know how I’m going to die. It’ll be in the car accident because instead of paying attention to the road I will have been checking out some chick in workout gear, or a sundress. I seriously cannot stop my head from turning when I see a woman, even if she’s not good looking by my standards, I’ll still find something to check out on her. I might have written this before, but I have the knack to find the good in all ass. I swear I could be out with Marisa Miller, Eva Mendes or Gabrielle Union and if Plain Jane walked passed us I’d still have to make an effort to not look away from my date. I got issues man…or maybe I’m just a man.

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