Friday, June 27, 2008

iPod Friday

It's a lovely Friday. Most of my office is out at a volunteer event, I'm in the office cause I need to get shizz done this afternoon, so in order to bounce at noon I gotta hang inside. Anyway, I already am starting to feel small differences in my body with this new workout routine, I'm actually hungry in the morning now! And instead of getting a big whole fatty bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, I'm eating oatmeal. Oh and I'm drinking a ton of water in the morning, I read somewhere it was really good for your abs to drink water in the morning...anyway, I heard one of my fav DMB songs thins morning, so I'm feeling good and being right...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ooo, Ahh, Eeee, Exercise...

So in my on going search to find an exercise program I can stick with I fell on this, one hundred push ups in 6 weeks. I can usually do sit ups til the cows come home and I want to incorporate running into this program, but I hate lifting and I figured push ups really are the ultimate form of exercise. So the goal for this program is not to simply do 100 push ups, but to do 100 push ups in a row at the end of 6 weeks. Now when I was a kid, and 70-80lbs lighter, I could bang out 30-40 push ups after practicing whatever sport I was involved in at the time. Now, getting to 25 is a chore.

I started the program last night, and it was surprising. Like I mentioned above, I can still get through 25 straight, but this program has the individual do 5 sets of push ups. The first day consisted of a set of 10, then another 10, then 8, 6 and 7. So I did the first 10, took my 60 second rest, started with the next 10 and my arms were already feeling rubbery. After the third set I was feeling a real burn...I don’t know all the mechanics of working out, but these mini sets hurt so much more than just going non stop. By the final set I had to just rest in the push up position before I could finish the last two.

Anyhoo, DCD is getting naked too often not to be in better shape, so hopefully I'll maintain this and use my blog as a way to stay true to the program.

Friday, June 20, 2008

iPod Friday

Well, I heard a bunch of good songs this morning, but since I actually post videos on Friday, I decided iPod Friday would be more like Celtics Rolling Rally Friday. We have one song still int he mix, but the fan's eye view of the rally is more appropo today, as well as a Reebok commercial which brings a tear to my eye...Boston Basketball.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Championship Town

Another day, another Boston championship. Just a triumphant return to the top of the hill, the Boston Celtics for the 17th time are World Champs. I wish I could tip my hat to the Lakers, but they were just awful, how in the hell did they even get passed the Spurs? And I’m convinced the Pistons and maybe even the Cavs would have beat the Lakers too. Kobe quit after the first half. Gasol has got to be the softest 7 footer in the league, and their bench has no spark or energy. They will be a different team with Bynum back next year, but good god how overrated was the West. Anyway, congrats to P Dub, The Big Ticket, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Glen “Doc” and the rest of the team. Now get to work on resigning Posey.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So I was wondering if I’m addicted to women. Not addicted to sex, seriously I don’t even masturbate everyday (and I don’t shave everyday either) but genuinely addicted to women like some people have alcohol addictions and others gambling, I think I have a true addiction to women, or at least the female form. I’ve told people in the past that I know how I’m going to die. It’ll be in the car accident because instead of paying attention to the road I will have been checking out some chick in workout gear, or a sundress. I seriously cannot stop my head from turning when I see a woman, even if she’s not good looking by my standards, I’ll still find something to check out on her. I might have written this before, but I have the knack to find the good in all ass. I swear I could be out with Marisa Miller, Eva Mendes or Gabrielle Union and if Plain Jane walked passed us I’d still have to make an effort to not look away from my date. I got issues man…or maybe I’m just a man.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's Get Naked....

So I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile now, and finally I have time to write it. Not that it’s extremely dense in nature or anything like that, but after weeks of having a ridiculous schedule, I actually got to vege this afternoon, watch a couple of movies and now I can type.

So anyway, as a single man now, sex with different women is going down…I’m not slutting it up by any means, but over the course of the last couple of months I’ve seen a couple naked bodies. What caught my attention is how easy it is to be naked with someone else, even on the first time. Remember when we were kids, and we were told to hide our business, cover up and don’t play with that? Well you would think after all that was ingrained in us, when we would sleep with someone new for the first time a person would be shy and squeamish. But that has not been the case at all, hell it hasn’t been that way since the first time I had sex. The goal now is to get your clothes off asap, and after you do the deed, there is no discomfort in just laying there naked. Laying there naked is actually a good sign that there will be a round two...

So I’m just wondering when did we mentally get like that? Just being comfortable naked, and at times with a complete stranger, that you happen to know biblically. Is it just a maturity thing, once a girl has seen one dick then each new one is nothing novel for her and once a guy has seen some boobs and box, well it pretty much is what it is? Don’t get me wrong, every new pair of boobs I see is great blessing and every box I get to munch is like trying out a brand new restaurant, but at the same time, the lobster ravioli isn’t going to change that much from one Italian joint to the next, unless you dine at the Olive Garden which is an abomination.

Now trust me, I’m all for naked time all the time…but the evolution of getting nude and being comfortable with it interests me…

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Hmmm….once again, all the experts who said the Lakers would win this series can lick m’sack! 3-1 bitches! My God Ray-Ray got to the basket way too easily at the end of the game. Posey and House came through big. And of course the PGA Tour did their thing as they should...Oh, and let's talk about all the celeb fans there...Will Smith (from Philly), JT (from Memphis), Larry David (from NY), such bandwagon least Spike Lee was open enough to say "Anyone but Boston." Like I said before BOSTON BASKETBALL!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Grown Man!

I hate to quote myself but what did I write the other day, "If Powe is in the playoff rotation, he will surprise the nation. The guy is raw talent that still needs to be developed, but against a small Laker lineup, Powe truly has a chance to shine."

Boston Basketball my man!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beat LA!

It's been a long time since I've posted on something sports related, but I've been reading a lot of the "experts" opinion on the Lakers/Celtics match up and quite frankly, they are all idiots.

Will this series go 6 or 7 games, most likely. Will the Lakers win the series, not very likely. I was discussing this earlier today, like the NFL in the NBA defense eventually wins out, plain and simple. The Celtics are the best defensive team in the league, by far. On the Lakers side, you can put any 5 out on the court, but other than Kobe, (who is overrated as a defensive player, people are prone to think his skills on offensive and overall quickness translates to defensive prowess), no one can play a lick of D. You think Odom or Gasol can handle KG...come on now, that's just silly. I would trust Bynum on KG over either one of those two. Most likely it will be Odom though, which leaves Gasol on Perk. Gasol will get some points, he's a finesse guy, but he can't bang underneath with Perk. The boards on both ends of the court will be controlled by the C's. Let's not forget that depending on who Kobe d's up against, either Allen or Pierce will have a field day with whomever is guarding them other than Kobe.

Then you look at the Celtics defense, Pierce or Allen will guard Kobe. Pierce has probably been the best defensive player in the playoffs this year. He's contained some of the best offensive players in the league in three series' and still had some phenomenal games on the offensive end. Kobe will get his 25, he's Kobe, gotta respect that, but the role players can't step up against the C's. KG and Perk are too much for Odom and Gasol to work on. I think they are both solid guys, but they succeed against soft teams. This reminds me of back in the day when ACC teams would play Big East teams, and the ACC known for it's perimeter shooting would get pounded by the physicality of a Georgetown or St. John's. This is exactly what's going to happen in this series. And the difference is this isn't just a one game ordeal where LAL could tough it out for one game, they are going to be hurting for at least 3 games, and they have to show some resolve that they can in fact measure up physically.

Now let's discuss the benches. Farmar, Vujacic, Turiaf and Walton, do people seriously believe that bench is stronger than Posey, House, Brown, Powe and Davis? Davis probably won't get as much time in this round as he did in the past, and I hope Doc keeps Cassell's ass on the pine and plays House. Posey is a defensive stud that will knock down every open three you give him. House is instant energy, and I hate that term, but the players and the fans kick it up a notch when Eddie checks in. The guy is a smart player too, he sticks with the plan, as opposed to Cassell who creates his own plans. Brown has been a tremendous asset. Yes he's old admittedly, but he doesn't play outside of his game. He only takes shots that have a high probability of going in. He doesn't get caught up in screens or over rotates (probably because he's not fast enough to do so anyway), and he's another big body in the lane. If Powe is in the playoff rotation, he will surprise the nation. The guy is raw talent that still needs to be developed, but against a small Laker lineup, Powe truly has a chance to shine.

The only true edge Showtime has is their coach. But let's not forget, Phil Jackson has always coached teams with big names on it. MJ, Pippen, Shaq, Kobe...and a host of good role players. Doc finally got a team like that this year and is doing what I think most coaches could have done with Jackson's teams. The players are professionals, they know how to play the game, a coaches job is simply to manage personalities and present ideas as well as a sense of calm or urgency to his team. Phil is probably better than that than Doc just from experience, but the fact remains, Jackson has had the two best players in the time on his teams, how much did he really need to do to get them to be successful?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the series, I believe the Celtics will pull it out, but I'm not sure in how many games. David Stern works in mysterious ways and losing millions of dollars in revenue by not having a game 6 or 7 is not his style. The greatest thing about this series is the throw back to the 80s. Before I watched baseball or football I watched basketball. As much as I loved Boston then, I still had love for the Lakers because they were a totally different team. The personalities, the playing styles, the fans, the arenas, role players, everything was a polar opposite between LA and Boston, except for both teams desire to win. In recent history, no individual rivalry has come close to Bird and Magic. We have our great players, but there is no Kobe vs LeBron, or Duncan vs Shaq, it's not the same. But thankfully, for the NBA and its fans, I think we might get back to back years where the Lakers and Celtics meet in the finals, and if you think this year is a treat, if a rematch happens in 2009 that will blow the roof off of the Garden and Forum, well Staples Center, but for nostalgic purposes, it'll always be the GW Forum.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Terribles Tuesday

So per usual on a Tuesday at 3:24pm I'm at work, but I'm at a point where I just don't feel like doing anything else today. Grant it I will finish up what's on my plate, but I'm just exhausted right now. Tuesdays are quickly becoming my least favorite day of the week based on my schedule the prior day. On Mondays, I come in at my regular time, but instead of leaving at 6ish, I stay til 7:10, and then head to my class which is supposed to get out at 9:30, but the Prof has been keeping us til about 10pm which then in turn causes me to not get home until 10:30. Normally I could deal with that. But I just moved on Saturday and still haven't made the trek to the grocery store so I had to figure out what the hell was open at 10:30pm in my new town. The answer was the drive through at Wendy's. But for some godforsaken reason, it was packed. Wendy's on a Monday night at 10:30 jam packed. So it was either wait in line for my Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and Crispy Chicken Nuggets or go home and eat Pop Tarts. Any, I ended up home at 11pm, ate, tried to steal some internet using a crappy loaner computer from my office, my regular comp needed some maintenance, and ended up in bed a little after midnight. Needless to say, after starting my last few weeks like that, Tuesdays have not been all that fun.

Anywhoo, I'm just ready to bust out of here, go shopping, cook and unpack more of my shizz. Anyway, other than the move, which was a fantastic success, things have been quiet. Just trying to get more of my summer travel locked down. Looks like Seattle will be a nice 4th of July trip, and then I'll hit VA a couple weeks after that. Vegas is being thrown into the mix now for late August, which I'm on the fence about. We'll see...okay, back to work...hopefully I can get to a post on being naked that I've been pondering for awhile.