Sunday, April 6, 2008

Was That a Date?

So being in a relationship for so long I really have no idea what constitutes a date these days and what doesn't. Nor do I know what do, say or how to act throughout the period I'm in the company of a woman one on one, in public that is. Cause you know a brings the ruckus when it counts. Ya naw what 'em sayin? Naw you don't know because I'm a fool. Anyway, I spent the good majority of the day being absolutely worthless. I did laundry, and looked at apts and condos on Craigslist for a good 4 joke...I also finally finished season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Shocking season ending without a doubt...actually I have to assume that was the series finale too, but who knows...Anyway, I get a text around 7pm from a lady asking if I want to meet up for a drink. I'm a little in shock for two reasons, 1) It's Sunday, seriously nobody calls/texts me on Sundays, it's like all of the outside world goes silent. 2) I've been trying to get her to come out with a group of people for the last 3 months just to hang out and have fun and she's always busy. Needless to say, I reply back "Sure, what place and what time?" I hop in the shower, cause I've been lying in my filth all day and wait for the return text, which actually is a phone call. We choose the spot and in a few minutes I bounce out. So we meet up a tapas restaurant. I walk in and she's at the bar, and she looks good, yoga does a body good. We hug and I sit down, we chat order drinks and chat it up for the next 90 mins or so. We talk about work, traveling, etc...basic stuff, but def at a deeper level than any of our previous convos. So then intentional I bring up her "situation." Her situation is a lot tougher than mine because she's currently in the middle of a divorce and still living with the soon to be ex, crazy huh? But she wasn't turned off by the topic, and she basically said she's ready for this to be finalized and move on with her life. Awesomeness...I think. We keep talking and she says she's going to take me to the beach is a few weeks, not to lay out, still too cold for that, but to just walk the shore and enjoy the environment, maybe get some fried clams while we're there. So is that like a follow up date? I have no idea. We finish our drinks and we decide to try out another bar, problem is, we get there and the bar is closed. So we're both a little disappointed, but it is a work night therefore it's not a bad idea to call it a night. So we do the whole, "great seeing you, gotta do it again" good byes and hug. But then it gets awkward. It was one of those "Does she want me to kiss her?" moments. Because she didn't just walk away to her car, she just stood there looking at me....but all I could think about was, "Am I reading her wrong? Don't f this up DCD, if you make a move and she's just cool being friends you come off as an ass, but if you don't she may think you don't have any interest in her?" This is the shit a clueless, newly single man like myself goes through now. So anyway I played it safe and stuck with just the hug. I texted her when I got home, let her know I had a great time and I'd like to do it again sooner than later and she replied that she'd love that. So going back to the original question, was that a date? Or was that her enlisting me as her new male buddy she can get a man's perspective from? I'm probably just reading more into it than there really is...but I'm so pathetic...

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