Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rolling with the Punches...

Seriously, why can’t things just be simple? So the after Curly Cutie told me she couldn’t see me, basically because she couldn’t trust herself around me, I decided her and I needed to have a long conversation about what was going on in my head. There have been so many instances where I wished I said something and never did and regardless of the outcome, I felt terrible about keeping things pent up. So put everything I had out there to basically tell her if there is something good in front of you now, you shouldn’t run from it just because you think you need to handle a situation a certain way. I wasn’t attempting to label us or cause her to act improperly, but to simply think about what she values in me right now, and if she really wanted to lose that for a few months. We don’t have to be together, but knowing we both have a mutual physical attraction to each other, getting more deeply involved on a mental and emotional level should lead to better things down the road. Wow, I think I plagiarized that from Redbook or Glamour or whatever various women’s magazines there are on the newsstands.

Anyway, hours after the convo, she texts me and says she thought about what I had to say and she wants us to still hang out, but she’s afraid of not being able to control her physical desires while around me, remember she’s still married and wants to show respect to her soon to be ex-husband. That was probably the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten. But I told her she has to trust me if she wants things to progress and that I won’t let anything happen that she doesn’t want to happen. I actually like this girl to cock block myself, and I can’t believe I just wrote that. So anyway, we’re emailing several times during the day at work. We thought about going to the Celtics game tomorrow night, but decided we’d save our money for a later round opponent (they will not lose the series to the Hawks). So things are good, I guess. Confusing yes, unfamiliar yes, scary yes….but I’m content, for now.

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