Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Paid the Cost to be the...

So for the next 3 weeks I’m the boss. Well not exactly, but my boss is on vacation for 3 weeks and since my department consists of her and myself, that makes me the boss. What’s fun and what sucks about being the boss, you have to make lots of decisions and delegate to other people around you in other groups. So on one hand, I get this mini power trip because all of a sudden my phone is blowing up, people are emailing me for my perspective on issues and meeting requests are flying in. On the other hand, for the next three weeks I’m totally responsible for those repercussions and if I make a bad call, when my boss comes back everyone will say, “DCD said this is how we should proceed.” But there is always the safety net of, “I think we should table this decision until Boss comes back, can it wait?” And since most things take a month to get done around here anyway, of course it can wait. All I have to add to that phrase to legitimize it is “I’d rather do this once the right way and take some extra time, than do it wrong now and then have to fix it 3 months down the road.” That line should have been in a recent SNL skit having to do with office lingo such as “These papers need to be file,” and “Talk to his assistant.”

There are also fun things about being the boss for now…like when Elaine was president of J. Peterman, she expensed everything….well I set up a business trip out to Seattle which will conveniently allow me to visit a friend that recently moved out there. Huzzah for working in corporate America. I just have to make sure not to expense any nutria hats in the process.

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