Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just Trying to Catch Up

Wow! So I apologize to my readership of two, I have been a terrible blogger. I think I've said this before, but I give the bloggers that day in and day out put up (quality) content a hand...especially those that have a full time job to pay the bills while they blog for the fun of it. Walkoff Walk in particular has been doing a phenomenal job at this. Anyway, this blog really doesn't have a purpose other than to catch the people up on the goings, and more importantly the comings on my life.

So last week it was made public that my company was being acquired. I have never been through an acquisition before so I was a little nuts when the news broke. Actually I got word when my big boss called me at 6:15am and left a voicemail to call her back asap. Idk how many of you have gotten phone calls from work before 8am or after 9pm or on weekends, but they usually aren't good. Anyway, the acquisition is actually a very good thing. All my stock is getting vested and bought as soon as the deal closes, so DCD will have a little extra cash on hand, never a bad thing. Plus if we stay with the company for 12-18 month after the deal is done, we'll get a retention bonus which is a very high percentage of our base salary. So that news, coupled with my boss having been out for the last 3 weeks has kept me buried.

We're in the final week of the semester, and I don't have any finals, just a final project. Which is kind of BS to begin with considering the teacher, I refuse to call this guy a professor, is a total slacker and absolutely horrible. I should get an A just because he's so bad...and also all my grades far surpass the class average...anyway, I figured out I just need a B on the final project to at least get an A- for the class, which would actually lower my GPA, cause I'm a nerd like that. The three weeks between spring and summer semesters will be like a vacation. Of course then I will be at school either two nights a week for six hours or two nights a week for three hours for six weeks, I don't know what's worse.

So the female front, I think things are good. The Ex-Lady and I are getting along great right now, in a strictly platonic way. EB believes a great unpleasantness needs to happen, but I think we may not have to go through that. Then there is the girl I've been hanging out with recently, I got the "calling to just say hi" call yesterday, which is always nice when you're at the beginning phases, but hated when things are established. Nothing physical yet, and I've realized that I don't have moves when I'm sober. I clearly can't get drunk in front of this girl yet because well, The Show is still on. The Show is basically putting my best foot forward before I figure out a way to ruin things. Now I'm not playing games with her, The Show is the real me, but with better decision making abilities and an increased level of censorship in terms of what comes out of my mouth.

Anyway, I have some real topics to post in my head, that I've been saving, so hopefully tonight and this weekend I'll get those out...

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