Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Got Problems With...

Remember those dumb ass Baby on Board signs that were all the rage in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Well today I saw one in the back of a car, but it wasn’t the actually yellow caution sign it was a simply black and white printed off of a printer from a word document. So here are my issues with this:

1) Seriously does the driver of the car really think slapping up a make shift sign on the back window of a car is going to make me more likely to grant him or her the right of way, or not get frustrated when s/he does asshole things like drive in two lanes at once (which actually happened today)? Moron. I actually wanted to drive more aggressively to prove that the sign is counter productive.

2) It’s freakin’ 2008! Who the hell even thinks about those signs anymore? It’s like the pet rock, or those colored magnetic ribbons for vehicles, they hit the scene, cashed in and busted out.

3) It’s not my or any other driver’s responsibility to be aware or protect your kid. My job to take care of uno nuno. If you’re incapable of driving with a baby in the car and knowing the risks associated with driving everyday, and not feeling as if your own awareness and defensive driving skills aren’t good enough to keep your kid safe, keep your ass and the baby’s ass at home.

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