Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rolling with the Punches...

Seriously, why can’t things just be simple? So the after Curly Cutie told me she couldn’t see me, basically because she couldn’t trust herself around me, I decided her and I needed to have a long conversation about what was going on in my head. There have been so many instances where I wished I said something and never did and regardless of the outcome, I felt terrible about keeping things pent up. So put everything I had out there to basically tell her if there is something good in front of you now, you shouldn’t run from it just because you think you need to handle a situation a certain way. I wasn’t attempting to label us or cause her to act improperly, but to simply think about what she values in me right now, and if she really wanted to lose that for a few months. We don’t have to be together, but knowing we both have a mutual physical attraction to each other, getting more deeply involved on a mental and emotional level should lead to better things down the road. Wow, I think I plagiarized that from Redbook or Glamour or whatever various women’s magazines there are on the newsstands.

Anyway, hours after the convo, she texts me and says she thought about what I had to say and she wants us to still hang out, but she’s afraid of not being able to control her physical desires while around me, remember she’s still married and wants to show respect to her soon to be ex-husband. That was probably the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten. But I told her she has to trust me if she wants things to progress and that I won’t let anything happen that she doesn’t want to happen. I actually like this girl to cock block myself, and I can’t believe I just wrote that. So anyway, we’re emailing several times during the day at work. We thought about going to the Celtics game tomorrow night, but decided we’d save our money for a later round opponent (they will not lose the series to the Hawks). So things are good, I guess. Confusing yes, unfamiliar yes, scary yes….but I’m content, for now.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


So as a single man I’ve learned I have a lot of options. The cell phone is the ultimate in getting something when you want a little something. This may sounds weird after I have discussed my last few dates with…hmm I need a nickname, how about Curly Cutie, because she has this amazing long, curly, red hair. Well, Curly Cutie and I get along wonderfully, but as I mentioned before, she’s going through a divorce and there are still some issues there. We actually went to the Sox game on Thursday, hung out all day and night, came back to my place and nature took its course. And let me be honest, it was one of those nights that opens your eyes to what you really want. Strangely, I didn’t want that to happen because I didn’t want to be thought of as an adulterer. But regardless, things happen and now she wants us to not see each other alone for awhile because she knows as well as I know, once any line is crossed then it will get crossed again. It’s flattering and disappointing at the same time. But I totally respect that and I still like her a lot, which culminated into a text tonight saying how I missed her, and her replying that she’s thinking about me as well. So look for Curly Cutie and I to work things out in the summer. BUT…until we can formally be with each other, I gotta get mine….even the best men like me still need to have things taken care of. So I text my friend the Runner, because she ran the marathon Monday, and ask if she wants to have a scotchfest Saturday night, which would also involve watching porn, and that’s a whole different post. She responses saying it’s girls night out but I could come out with them. All good, basically means if I want ass tomorrow I’ll get it. I also text this other chick that digs me to see if she’s out…a few messages back and forth and she basically says “Stay up til I come over.” What sucks is I really don’t like her that way, and as I explained to my girl Kim, there is a guilt element to it., but whatever, God blessed me with a decent appendage so I should use it right? Anyway, I guess I’m being a slut right now….but if I had my choice, I would be happy with my Curly Cutie.

Update: I ended up falling asleep last night, so no feelings of guilt this morning...

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Got Problems With...

Zip cars...yes they actually make sense for those of us that don't own a car and just want the convenience of having a car for a few hours as opposed to going through the hassle of renting a car from say Avis. But the problem is that people that drive zip cars typically don't drive at all. Zip car users might be some of the worst in the world. They have no concept of how to navigate the streets, when you can turn on red and how to drive without rubbernecking at everything...stupid zip cars...talk a walk!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Reason #423 Why I’m Still a Kid

So tonight I went out to a bar to meet up with some friends to watch the Celtics whoop up on the Hawks. The girl I have gone out with a few times came with me as one of those “test” moments. You know, you introduce someone new to your crew to see 1) if they like her on first impressions, and 2) if she can put up with your friends being massive idiots.

The night starts off normal enough, but at some point we get to a story about a stripper having roast beef cold cuts stuffed up her ass and then eaten by her stripper compadres. That was bad enough and then we get into a convo about all the nasty sex acts people do, such as Hot Lunches, Cleveland Steamers, the Houdini, etc…and even one we created called Return to Sender (never attempted but hilarious to describe). But she rolled with it.

On the ride home she said she really liked my friends, which is a plus and as I type this I’m fielding text messages from my friends saying how much they like her. So it’s aces all around. But the big thing was I finally got the sack to kiss her. What’s so strange is I’ve kissed plenty of girls, while drunk…so of course there was no need to build up the courage then, plus those girls were getting tossed to the side that night anyway. But to kiss a girl that I actually found potential in is a whole new world. So anyway, this kiss was seriously like regressing back to 9th grade. Well, not in technique, but in nervousness and the whole, "will she like it," "am I reading the situation properly," etc…but she kissed be back and I was beaming. So I’m in a good mood…but now I will over analyze this situation as well…I have to learn to just take things as they come and be happy with the now and not be so concerned with the unknown.

Friday, April 18, 2008

iPod Friday

On line crazy early this morning because I'm working from home today, and I'm going to head to the folks place to hang out, get a haircut, do laundry before coming back up here to hit the Beer Summit. So I'm up sending out emails now so that if I knock off at 4pm I still look good. So let's put some jams out there...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just Trying to Catch Up

Wow! So I apologize to my readership of two, I have been a terrible blogger. I think I've said this before, but I give the bloggers that day in and day out put up (quality) content a hand...especially those that have a full time job to pay the bills while they blog for the fun of it. Walkoff Walk in particular has been doing a phenomenal job at this. Anyway, this blog really doesn't have a purpose other than to catch the people up on the goings, and more importantly the comings on my life.

So last week it was made public that my company was being acquired. I have never been through an acquisition before so I was a little nuts when the news broke. Actually I got word when my big boss called me at 6:15am and left a voicemail to call her back asap. Idk how many of you have gotten phone calls from work before 8am or after 9pm or on weekends, but they usually aren't good. Anyway, the acquisition is actually a very good thing. All my stock is getting vested and bought as soon as the deal closes, so DCD will have a little extra cash on hand, never a bad thing. Plus if we stay with the company for 12-18 month after the deal is done, we'll get a retention bonus which is a very high percentage of our base salary. So that news, coupled with my boss having been out for the last 3 weeks has kept me buried.

We're in the final week of the semester, and I don't have any finals, just a final project. Which is kind of BS to begin with considering the teacher, I refuse to call this guy a professor, is a total slacker and absolutely horrible. I should get an A just because he's so bad...and also all my grades far surpass the class average...anyway, I figured out I just need a B on the final project to at least get an A- for the class, which would actually lower my GPA, cause I'm a nerd like that. The three weeks between spring and summer semesters will be like a vacation. Of course then I will be at school either two nights a week for six hours or two nights a week for three hours for six weeks, I don't know what's worse.

So the female front, I think things are good. The Ex-Lady and I are getting along great right now, in a strictly platonic way. EB believes a great unpleasantness needs to happen, but I think we may not have to go through that. Then there is the girl I've been hanging out with recently, I got the "calling to just say hi" call yesterday, which is always nice when you're at the beginning phases, but hated when things are established. Nothing physical yet, and I've realized that I don't have moves when I'm sober. I clearly can't get drunk in front of this girl yet because well, The Show is still on. The Show is basically putting my best foot forward before I figure out a way to ruin things. Now I'm not playing games with her, The Show is the real me, but with better decision making abilities and an increased level of censorship in terms of what comes out of my mouth.

Anyway, I have some real topics to post in my head, that I've been saving, so hopefully tonight and this weekend I'll get those out...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

And This is Why I Don't Understand Dating

Okay...so I went out tonight on what I think was an actual date with the girl I saw last Sunday. We went to a sports bar, I know not the most romantic place, but it's laid back and the Sox were playing the Yankees. And as we discovered there was karaoke that night as well (we did not participate). Anyway, we had dinner, drinks, talked all night, very few awkward pauses, watched the singers and even went to another bar with hopes to dance, unfortunately, the bar closed at 1am, which blows. Anyway, we came back to my apt to get her car and she bounced...I just don't know how to figure things out, I mean I know her situation is difficult, and we even talked about when her divorce will be final, but I still need to get an idea of what's going on in her head So I texted her a few mins ago saying I had a good time and to let me know if she wants to get together Sunday and she texted that we'd talk on Sunday..idk if that means talk to make plans or simply talk like just speak...why can't things be easy...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Was That a Date?

So being in a relationship for so long I really have no idea what constitutes a date these days and what doesn't. Nor do I know what do, say or how to act throughout the period I'm in the company of a woman one on one, in public that is. Cause you know a brings the ruckus when it counts. Ya naw what 'em sayin? Naw you don't know because I'm a fool. Anyway, I spent the good majority of the day being absolutely worthless. I did laundry, and looked at apts and condos on Craigslist for a good 4 hours...no joke...I also finally finished season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Shocking season ending without a doubt...actually I have to assume that was the series finale too, but who knows...Anyway, I get a text around 7pm from a lady asking if I want to meet up for a drink. I'm a little in shock for two reasons, 1) It's Sunday, seriously nobody calls/texts me on Sundays, it's like all of the outside world goes silent. 2) I've been trying to get her to come out with a group of people for the last 3 months just to hang out and have fun and she's always busy. Needless to say, I reply back "Sure, what place and what time?" I hop in the shower, cause I've been lying in my filth all day and wait for the return text, which actually is a phone call. We choose the spot and in a few minutes I bounce out. So we meet up a tapas restaurant. I walk in and she's at the bar, and she looks good, yoga does a body good. We hug and I sit down, we chat order drinks and chat it up for the next 90 mins or so. We talk about work, traveling, etc...basic stuff, but def at a deeper level than any of our previous convos. So then intentional I bring up her "situation." Her situation is a lot tougher than mine because she's currently in the middle of a divorce and still living with the soon to be ex, crazy huh? But she wasn't turned off by the topic, and she basically said she's ready for this to be finalized and move on with her life. Awesomeness...I think. We keep talking and she says she's going to take me to the beach is a few weeks, not to lay out, still too cold for that, but to just walk the shore and enjoy the environment, maybe get some fried clams while we're there. So is that like a follow up date? I have no idea. We finish our drinks and we decide to try out another bar, problem is, we get there and the bar is closed. So we're both a little disappointed, but it is a work night therefore it's not a bad idea to call it a night. So we do the whole, "great seeing you, gotta do it again" good byes and hug. But then it gets awkward. It was one of those "Does she want me to kiss her?" moments. Because she didn't just walk away to her car, she just stood there looking at me....but all I could think about was, "Am I reading her wrong? Don't f this up DCD, if you make a move and she's just cool being friends you come off as an ass, but if you don't she may think you don't have any interest in her?" This is the shit a clueless, newly single man like myself goes through now. So anyway I played it safe and stuck with just the hug. I texted her when I got home, let her know I had a great time and I'd like to do it again sooner than later and she replied that she'd love that. So going back to the original question, was that a date? Or was that her enlisting me as her new male buddy she can get a man's perspective from? I'm probably just reading more into it than there really is...but I'm pathetic...so so pathetic...


It's been awhile since I've had anything sports related on here, but I had to share my joy that Kansas beat UNC tonight!!! I've had an unnatural love for Kansas since I was about 14. Back in the early and mid 90's college basketball wasn't big in the Northeast, except for UConn...and a few years later we had the UMass explosion. But before then, I started getting involved in pools, yes even back as a freshman in high school I was gambling so to speak, so I started following teams and Kansas just became my squad...and then when I was 16 I went on a cruise and met a bunch of kids from Overland Park, KS and that affirmed my allegiance. Def not the best way to choose a team, but regardless, I've been loyal to Kansas ever since, and I'm stoked they are playing for the National Championship. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Friday, April 4, 2008

iPod Friday

Damn I'm late on the iPod Friday...been wasting the day looking for apts on Craigslist, which is like death...let's rock...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Got Problems With...

Remember those dumb ass Baby on Board signs that were all the rage in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Well today I saw one in the back of a car, but it wasn’t the actually yellow caution sign it was a simply black and white printed off of a printer from a word document. So here are my issues with this:

1) Seriously does the driver of the car really think slapping up a make shift sign on the back window of a car is going to make me more likely to grant him or her the right of way, or not get frustrated when s/he does asshole things like drive in two lanes at once (which actually happened today)? Moron. I actually wanted to drive more aggressively to prove that the sign is counter productive.

2) It’s freakin’ 2008! Who the hell even thinks about those signs anymore? It’s like the pet rock, or those colored magnetic ribbons for vehicles, they hit the scene, cashed in and busted out.

3) It’s not my or any other driver’s responsibility to be aware or protect your kid. My job to take care of uno nuno. If you’re incapable of driving with a baby in the car and knowing the risks associated with driving everyday, and not feeling as if your own awareness and defensive driving skills aren’t good enough to keep your kid safe, keep your ass and the baby’s ass at home.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Paid the Cost to be the...

So for the next 3 weeks I’m the boss. Well not exactly, but my boss is on vacation for 3 weeks and since my department consists of her and myself, that makes me the boss. What’s fun and what sucks about being the boss, you have to make lots of decisions and delegate to other people around you in other groups. So on one hand, I get this mini power trip because all of a sudden my phone is blowing up, people are emailing me for my perspective on issues and meeting requests are flying in. On the other hand, for the next three weeks I’m totally responsible for those repercussions and if I make a bad call, when my boss comes back everyone will say, “DCD said this is how we should proceed.” But there is always the safety net of, “I think we should table this decision until Boss comes back, can it wait?” And since most things take a month to get done around here anyway, of course it can wait. All I have to add to that phrase to legitimize it is “I’d rather do this once the right way and take some extra time, than do it wrong now and then have to fix it 3 months down the road.” That line should have been in a recent SNL skit having to do with office lingo such as “These papers need to be file,” and “Talk to his assistant.”

There are also fun things about being the boss for now…like when Elaine was president of J. Peterman, she expensed everything….well I set up a business trip out to Seattle which will conveniently allow me to visit a friend that recently moved out there. Huzzah for working in corporate America. I just have to make sure not to expense any nutria hats in the process.