Monday, March 10, 2008

The Great Unpleasantness

So my boy EB was up this weekend to have a premature celebration of my birthday. Big ups to him for coming up from the other Commonwealth and dealing with my silly antics on Saturday night. Also much respect for the 16yr scotch he gave me as a present… of our activities over the weekend was dinner with the Lady at an Italian restaurant. And for those of you that know me, the Olive Garden is not an Italian restaurant…I automatically lose respect for anyone that classifies it as that. So the three of us had dinner, chatted, laughed and overall had a good evening. After dropping the Lady back at her place, EB debriefs the night basically saying “Dude, you two are definitely still dating.” Now imo, when someone moves out of a jointly held apartment, that signals the end of a dating period. But his perspective of this is based on our interactions, and the fact that we still enjoy being in each other's company, and make time to do so. Let me put this out there, company does not equate to sex, quite the opposite. It’s literally having a meal, watching American Idol, feel free to lose respect for me on that one, and then she goes home. EB suggested the Lady and I need to have a “Great Unpleasantness.” This is something him and his wife went through several years ago. It’s a period of time, not set, where you cut off all communication with the ex and figure out if you can or cannot live without that person. Both sides of that coin cause great unpleasantness. If you cannot live without someone, your heart breaks under the pressure and you live in agony until you reconcile, and that’s if you reconcile at all. The other side is if you don’t need this person, and you have cut them out of your life, the unpleasant element is that you have realized you didn’t quite care about that person as much as originally believed. I’m trying to avoid the “Great Unpleasantness” simply because who needs self imposed anguish in their lives…but part of me can’t help but wonder if it is necessary to get a final determination on our relationship.

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