Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And That Makes Me Feel Good Because...

Lately females have been giving me these two compliments: "You're adorable!" and, "You're an incredible dancer." Idk how I feel about those compliments, Iactually think they are bass ackwards insults. Adorable is one step away from being called cute, and men don't like to be called cute. It's like being compared to a puppy...which is harmless. When you think about the superheroes from tv and movies were any of those guys cute? Superman was the Man of Steel, Lee Majors (the Fall Guy for you youngins) was a rugged stuntman, Batman was a rich orphan that basically raised himself, Jack Bauer is a counter terrorism agent which screams anything but cute, and in modern day movies there was nothing cute about Russell Crowe in Gladiator. So are these women saying I'd make a good house cat for them or something? Adorable enough to get his belly scratched but never allowed to sleep on the bed?

The incredible dancer thing is kind of weird too. It's like they can't fall back on anything else. I'm a smart guy, at least my undergrad degree and my in progress Masters degree somewhat confirm that. I'm successful, at least in comparison to the national average salary in this country. I can be funny at times. I mean is that what a woman really says when she's interested in a guy? Probably not, being the dancer as always makes me the safe guy...because I'm not the guy dancing just to grab an ass or to make out with a sloppy drunk chick. "He's fun, he likes to dance, he doesn't want to do filthy, dirty, unspeakable things to me." Just don't pop a woody...actually if that happened, I'd just flip it in my waistband because it hides it and feels awesome.

If I'm evaluating this right, what's the equivalent thing to say towards women? "You seem very smart" "You have good taste in shoes." "You're a handsome woman." Not that's I'm very going to say something of that nature to a female, I'm just an inquiring mind.

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