Wednesday, March 5, 2008

365 Days to Make Moves...

It’s really crazy how things and people change over a short period of time. Over the weekend the Lady moved out of the apt and now for the first time in my life, I’ve living alone. This time last year, I was 28 yeas old dreading turning 29, still living at home, and let me point out it was by choice, I knocked off all my credit card debt doing that, I was in my first semester as a full-time student in an MBA program and I was working part-time for my old company. A year later, I’m 29 and looking forward to turning 30, living alone, going to school part-time and working full-time at a new company. Everything that was stable back then has done a full 180. You’d think based on those changes I’d be a mess, but I’m good. As a pretty structured person I don’t take well to change, but I’ve learned that making changes, and even drastic ones, are not necessarily going to ruin a person’s flow…and more importantly change can happen a lot faster than expected. I used think it would take a lifetime to make an impactful change in myself, my way of life or my thinking, but the last year has gone by with the quickness and my life is vastly different.

The next question is "Has my life become significantly better?" because change should lead to progression. That I can’t answer, had I stayed a full-time student I would be finishing my MBA this May and would have potentially had more doors open up for me here and on the west coast. The other side of that is I’m going to have the degree regardless in a few months, and I’ve saved money on tuition and gained a lot of valuable experience in my new role. If I didn’t move out of my folks place, would the Lady and I still be together? Did living together cause the relationship to dissolve, or would we have been blinded to what seems like the truth for another year and potentially made a bad decision to take things to a higher level? And as I’ve written on here before, my original plan for my 30th birthday was to be alone, drink a bottle of scotch and cry while furiously masturbating….probably because I felt as if my life wasn’t as full or as accomplished as I thought it should be by 30. But now I’m happy, I’m glad I made it on this planet for 30 years. I’ve lived a rich life, experienced things people can only imagine. I have a great set of people surrounding me, and I look forward to what I can do with the next 30 years…but maybe I’m just disillusioned and just trying to fool myself into a false sense of accomplishment?

As recently as Monday, I used to think that the only way to feel like an adult was to be married, have a kid or own a house. I qualify as none of the above. But on Monday night I realized by not having those things, I’m actually acting more like an adult than I thought. Anybody can have a baby…it’s not that hard…anyone can get married, you don’t need a ceremony just go to a Justice of the Peace and pay $100. Home ownership is a little different, but looking at the market now and how many people have to sell their homes based off of incorrect forethought and budgeting, it probably wasn’t the best decision these people could make. I’m an adult for analyzing my situation, knowing exactly what I’m ready for and when to pull the trigger. There is such a thing as being overly cautious, but that’s not me, I just know the best way to handle my own business…and realizing that is the best change I have ever made in myself.

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Eric said...

I'm married, I have a child and at one point owned a home (which wasn't foreclosed on!) - I in no way feel like an adult.