Saturday, February 2, 2008

"I Should Hook You Up With..."

So now that I'm single so to speak, it's crazy the amount of attention I'm getting from people that have "the perfect girl" for me. Every time I tell someone, "Yeah, we broke up, the Lady is going to be moving out next month." I immediately hear things like, "You should meet my friend blah blah blah." Or, "We need to get the word out that you're on the market." That one actually happened at work, which really threw me off because I pretty much keep to myself on the job, due to the nature of what I do. But regardless, I'm like wtf? Firstly, I'm still living with the Lady, why on Earth would anyone want to set me up with a new girl when I can't even invite her over? Secondly, am I even capable of being in a relationship right now? The last thing I want to do after getting out of a relationship is have to "check in" with someone all the time. Thirdly, why is this happening now? Years ago, people would not be throwing poon in my face like this. I'm convinced age, money and success has a lot to do with it. Which is kinda f'ed up. I mean obviously dating an out of work, penniless, jerk with no drive or self-esteem isn't what anyone wants, but I'm the same guy I was 5 years ago for the most part. The only difference is now I make more money and have more education. I'm still a 5 year old at heart, just with more aches and pains.

The thing I'll be really pissed off about is when I'm ready to be out there is that the well will have gone dry. That hot chick my buddy's lady works with, she'll be smitten with someone else. Those cool girls I met through my female friends will have either moved away, gotten back with their ex's or are just plain crazy. Or somehow, I'll come off looking like an ass in my former relationship and then I'll be considered a's lose-lose my friends...

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