Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Time for Fake Ones...

It's been crazy busy lately, and I hate posting with half my ass...anyway, for my one reader, I thought I'd throw something out there. Last Sunday night was phenomenal. I've been to a lot of playoff games before, but actually being at Gillette Stadium live for something that may never take place in my generation again is just a spectacular feeling. I'm big on shared, community experiences, and there is nothing like enjoying such an atmosphere with 60,000 other people, just a beautiful thing.

I'm so busy I can't even get my blog roll down to under 100 posts. My goal for tonight to to get down to 60...I'm ambitious.

I'm currently watching the Sharapova/Jankovic match on my DVR. I didn't realize Maria had ass. I thought is was just a cute, skinny girl...but whenever they show her walking from the back there is some good curvature. I'm a big fan of Jankovic too(dope body, good face for a tennis player)...but that's probably because I still remember the days of Sanchez-Vicario.

The Lady is still looking for a new place to live. I'm starting to get sad about her impeding departure. I have tried to be so pragmatic about this, that I haven't allowed myself to be upset about it. Now it's finally hitting me...

Here's something completely random I was thinking about, when do people get comfortable being naked in front of the opposite sex? Remember when you were a kid, you hid your shame at all costs. Now, it's like whatever, "check me out bitch!" (taken from Sassy Grandpa of Captain Justice and the Bear fame). Is it because once one person sees you naked then who cares if anyone else does, or is it simply because you know getting naked means a good time?

Ah, that is a good fake one(half assed post). I'll be back tomorrow ya dig!

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