Thursday, January 10, 2008

Me..With a Social Schedule..WTF?

So I'm excited...after months of being pretty miserable I have a lot of good stuff to look forward to. In the immediate future, there's the Patriots/Jaguars game on Saturday night. Thumbs up to the weather for being 40 degrees+ at kickoff. As much as the cold and snow has helped the Pats in the past, as I get older, standing out in a snow/rain storm for 4 hours just isn't as compelling as it was 4 years ago. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to slapping hands, drinking beer and celebrating with my row/section mates this weekend and next. You may say, DCD you're getting ahead of yourself, or that I'm being one of those insufferable New England fans. Well, the fact remains, like it or not, the Patriots are winning this week. I've read a lot of articles this week, and Lozo is the only one to point out that Pittsburgh actually came from behind, after three Rothlisburger INTs in the first half to take the lead before JAX finally won in the end. You think that would happen to a Belichick team, no way. My prediction, 31-17, and the only reason it'll be that close is JAX will score a garbage time TD to close out the game. Then of course the AFC championship against the Colts, yes they are winning this week too...that'll be a blast as well, followed by my family's annual SuperBowl party...the good life in all ways.

To continue, I officially got my invite to go to San Francisco in February for my company's National Sales Meeting. The great thing is since I'm not actually a salesperson I get to skip out on a bunch of "plan of action" meetings and just meet up with peeps around the area. I'm especially excited about hanging out with L Boogie and E Moneybags, checking out their new condo and getting Dim Sum. Once the NSM is over, I get to head down to San Diego and hang out the rest of the weekend with my pal Sally. Last time I was in SD, which was almost a year ago to the day, was for the Pats/Chargers playoff game. My flights there were delay by about 6-8 hours combined, headlined by a 4 hour delay in Vegas, and my baggage didn't get there until after the game was over. This time I'll actually get to see some of the city, maybe go to the zoo and potentially go on a pub crawl. I'm sure more goodness will happen in February, but on to March...

My boy EB decided to come up and visit, so that'll be a good time. We'll sit back, probably go out to a nice dinner, drink a lot of good scotch and have a movie marathon consisting of Old School, Anchorman, the 40-Year Old Virgin and Superbad...yes we are 15 years old...but it'll be fun. Time permitting, maybe we'll even hit Foxwoods before he goes back to the wife, kid and law school. Then comes St. Patrick's day, and for the second year in a row it falls on a Saturday. Blessed be the gods that caused this to happen. Last year I got to a bar around 3pm, late by Boston standards, got thrown out of the bar by 7pm, well we got cut off and my friend decided to make a scene about it, hit two other bars before finally calling it a day at 2am...good times...the NCAA tournament kicks off the next week, which means working from home on Thursday and Friday which really means going to the Sports Depot where they have free WiFi and drinking beer, eating apps and watching basketball while periodically checking email. Then there is the big 30, which I'm not as depressed about as I was a few months ago...I might actually do something other than sit in a dark room, drink a bottle of scotch and furiously masturbate while crying as previously planned. That idea actually doesn't sound as fun as I originally thought. The next weekend, my bro turns 18, and although it's not as big a deal as turning 21, it'll be good to have that weekend as family time and not drunks time.

Then my boy Ezel comes up the first week of April for a conference, so we'll get to hang out a bit. Which will be needed at that point, Ezel keeps me spiritually guided. So after basically a month of acting the fool, I'll probably have done some things I'll need to ask forgiveness for. On top of that, baseball season will have started. And then a few weeks later, I hope to attend Foxfield Races back in Charlottesville after a two year absence.

I haven't felt this good about a new year since we rolled into 2001...even the sun shines on a dog's ass once in awhile...

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