Saturday, December 8, 2007

A New Queen is Crowned

So back in the day, around 2002-2004, to pass the time at work my boy EB and I used to play Marry, Fuck or Kill. I'm sure you have done this, you pick three people and determine who you would marry, just fuck once or kill. The goal was either to pick three absolutely hideous people, or three ridiculously hot people. EB pretty much had the then Mrs. Lachey as his untouchable current marry girl, and no one else was going to be my future wife other than Torrie Wilson of WWE and Playboy fame. So anyway, we played this game for a good 6 months over IM and I think it culminated in 2004 when we established Sports Illustrated model Ashley Richardson circa 1991-1992 was the the pinnacle. This was due to us adding a time period element to the game, for example you could pit Heather Locklear 1982 vs Heather Locklear 2000. Also just as a sidebar, we had come to a mutual conclusion that anyone that had been f'ed by Dennis Rodman, Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Fred Durst and such were never marriage material.

So where am I going with this, I think I have finally found someone to replace Ashley at the top. I've always known she was hot, but until the Victoria's Secret show the other night it really didn't hit me. Marisa Miller may have claimed the top spot overall for me. She has it all. She got it from the front, the back...she has the feathered hair, the legs(please ignore Seal and watch the video from 1:51-2:01, actually nothing wrong with watching the whole thing). Like all good things, Miss. Richardson's reign had to come to an end, but long live the new queen...

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