Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everything I Love: Goya Soda

I don't even drink soda that often but Goya soda is the best fruit flavored carbonated drink on the planet! Fanta is good no doubt, but other than grape and orange I can never find the other flavors. They advertise the pineapple and strawberry, but I never see it. And they allegedly have apple and peach soda too, but I have never seen those either. But Goya on the other hand, maaaaaaan, all I have to do is walk down the international foods isle in the grocery store and there is a bounty. Pineapple, grape, fruit punch, strawberry and the greatest flavor of all time cola champagne! They have a bunch of others like mandarin orange, lemon-lime, sangria, but I stick to the original six listed above. PLUS, they only come in glass bottles and everyone knows soda out of a glass bottle tastes far better than out of a can or plastic bottle. Last night, I was sick of drinking water all day, so I chugged a pineapple with the quickness, such deliciousness. Get yo'self some!

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