Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Work Lull

Today is one of those days at work where for some reason absolutely nothing is coming my way. Email, got nothing but baseball(Santana trade rumors) and football(NFL Network) chatter from my boys. Phone, just one call this morning, put together some numbers, and it was out the door. I swear all my jobs throughout my time as a working professional have been like this. I get ridiculously busy 2 weeks a month, and the other 2 weeks I kinda just coast. I guess this happens because of two reasons. 1) When work is on my desk, I plow through it. I don't take breaks, lunch or anything else. I just get the job done. This in turn leads me to finish things quite fast. 2) The nature of my job is based around data. But until that data is loaded and reconciled, unless there is random ad-hoc reports to do, I'm just chillin'. I mostly deal with monthly data, but now and then weekly data gets handled. Now some of you may take this for laziness, but it really isn't. My company does these things called one on ones. Basically weekly one on one meetings with your direct supervisor. At first I thought these were crazy, like micromanagement. But I've come to see the value in them. They keep me engaged with my manager and it usually sets up my schedule for the upcoming week and allows me to prioritize my work load. So every week a bunch of things get handed off to me. The problem is what I referred to as #1, instead of taking 5 days to get through them I get it all done in 2 or 3, 4 if you catch me in the second week of the month. But back to my point, my mgr knows exactly what's on my plate every week, and gets copied on all the ad-hoc requests that come my way, so she knows I get plenty of stuff to do. Also, I always tell her if she needs to push some stuff on me, feel free.

So this "problem" so to speak causes problems twofold. 1) Everyone else around me seems to be buzzing all the time. Of course when people work in departments like distribution and compliance they need to be on their game daily. But I just wonder if I'm really not pulling my weight, or if come review time this will be an issue. I've been told great things so far, but am I really doing enough. 2) When not "working" I have to come up with creative ways to look busy. We all know about that. My problem is that I'm in a heavy traffic area and I can't see when people are behind me. I've gotten really good at listening to footsteps, but still, it's hard to really get into a blog posting while I'm on alert. So today, to seem productive I'm doing on line training that's not due until January. What else, I made a nifty spreadsheet that will need to be distributed and updated to the field, I think my boss thought it would take me a couple days to do it. God bless vlookup. But while doing these, I flip back and front between my Google Reader and meebo. I'm writing this post, but I do it in Outlook. What sucks is the formatting gets screwed up during the pasting into blogger. If I had any motivation I'd do school work now, which involves excel, so it looks work related. BLAH!

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