Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Peeves DCD?

For no good reason, I've decided to post things I severely dislike these days (hate is too strong a word). Let's begin:

I Heart _________

This is just so awful, if you love something, just say so. Seriously, can someone let me know the point of this?

Something McSomethingElse

Okay, I'll admit, I watched Grey's Anatomy the first two seasons, and the whole McDreamy thing was fine, then came McSteamy, that's when I turned the show off. Afterwards Steely McBeam showed up, and that absolutely killed it. The greatest "Mc" name of all time was Tipsy McStagger, and I refuse to specifically name where it comes from because if you don't know, I probably shouldn't be your friend anyway. But this came out back in 1991. It's been 16 years people, let it die!

Why are some people still poppin' their collars? It was a moronic trend when it first came out, and the fact that some people are still holding on to it baffles me. I am not a violent person by nature, but the urge to punch these douches in the face always flows through me when I see anyone walking around looking like this. I'm all for freedom of expression, but seriously, all that's being expressed here is douchery.

How did that Soulja Boy song get so popular? It really is the dumbest song I have heard in years, and there are plenty of dumb songs out there. But I do notice that all the YouTube videos and such are from Southern schools, which could be the answer to my question as is. But is this hot in NYC or LA? Is it getting play because there is a simplistic dance associated with it? That's probably it. Like the Electric Slide/Macarena, this song allows people who really can't dance the idea that they can dance. When I hear it in Boston and I immediately wonder how can a city with so many college educated people get down to this foolishness. But...I do laugh at the concept of Supermanning a ho. Trust me, if I thought the Lady would take it as a joke, it would have been done months ago.

Anyone that consistently does something else while driving. This includes:

  • talking on a cell phone (hands free/bluetooth I have no issues with)
  • putting on make-up
  • reading the newspaper or any book (a singular page of directions is fine)
  • checking out yourself in any mirror (allowable at a stop light very briefly)
  • talking at the passengers and not to passengers (talking at specifically causes a person to look away from the road and at the passenger for several seconds at a time)
  • anything which prevents a driver from realizing a light is no longer red
  • stopping and waiting when there is not a No Turn on Red sign
  • getting in the wrong lane and at the last minute deciding they want to switch out
  • not using a turn signal
  • not noticing that there is a big delivery truck double parked in the right lane, bypassing all the traffic in the left lane, and expecting to be allowed to back into the people who waited their turn

I've gotten to the point where I'm putting my own car at risk to prove my point to these people. For example, the delivery truck thing happened yesterday, and this dude decided he wasn't going to stop and get into my lane when there was space, he was going force his way in because he drove an Acura MDX. So what did I do, I kept on driving with the intent of having him hit me (yes, I know not smart, but he drove an Acura, and I figured he didn't want to damage his vehicle), and luckily I drive an SUV as well, so I'd be pretty safe in such a collision. But he realized he wasn't getting in, and then pulled up to me with the "You're an asshole, and I'm entitled look." So I gave him the black man stare, which basically says, "If you want to fuck with me, I will fuck you up." The great thing about being black is that you don't actually have to be able to fuck a guy up, most people just think you're packin' anyway, so just the look is usually enough. But I digress, the bottom line is it annoys me. And if you do anything like the above mentioned, apologetically wave to the person you dicked over, trust me...one simply gesture can turn a situation from potential road rage to a forgotten instance.

More on the brain coming later...

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