Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post TG Update

So I guess it’s time for the obligatory Thanksgiving recap that most if not all bloggers write. Yeah mine is a tad late, but I got things to do these days. Anyway, let’s begin with Wednesday, the professed biggest party night of the year. How on earth did this get wheels? I’ve been out plenty of times on Thanksgiving Eve and imo, Halloween and NYE top it. Unless you’re still living in the same town you went to high school in, and all the successful people come back for the holiday to laugh at all the losers that never made it out, then this should not be the biggest party night of the year. Anyway, instead of going out, I stayed in and hung out with the Lady since we would be going out separate ways for the majority of the weekend.

Thursday we got up fairly early, cleaned the apt a little, sorted some laundry to take to our parents homes and she rolled out. I chilled for a moment making sure to grab all the crap I was going to need until Saturday, clothes, stuff for class, dvds and assorted other crap. Then it was off to the fam. I arrived and Dad was cooking up some breakfast sandwiches, always good stuff. Then Mom got burning in the kitchens, my folks house has two kitchens, actually three, but the two in the main house is because it was built by and lived in by a Portuguese architect and there is some old school thing they have about multiple kitchens. The house also has bidets in the bathrooms, which is probably one of the things I miss most about not living there. Knowing your ass is shower fresh clean all the time is a tremendously good feeling. Anyway, about 15 mins into the Lions game, my Dad cracks open the scotch I bought him, and we proceed to drink scotch and beer(not mixed), a weird combo he’s been all about for awhile. The apps start to come out and I’m scarfing. Eventually sooner than later the oil is hot enough in the fryer to dunk the bird in. More drinking and football watching before we chow. I’m still stuffed from the meatballs, asian wings, ribs and shrimp I ate as apps, so I can only get through one plate, and that’s without hitting up the lasagna. I eat, and pass out from the itis. I wake up and cut a slice of pie and toss some ice cream on it as my final portion of the night before falling back asleep on the couch. Good day.

Friday I started the day watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, decent, but far from great. Began writing a paper due this week, and before I knew it I had to head to the Lady’s folks place to meet up and go out to dinner with her bro, his wife, her cousin and his wife. All cool peeps, but they have all had babies recently and one is expecting again. So I knew the convo was going to be all baby talk…which it was for 90 mins. Dinner ended and I sat at the bar and watched the Celtics and Lakers. Night over, drove back to the fam and crashed.

Saturday got up and went to a local sports bar to watch UVA and Tech. UVA was awful, but I wasn't expecting a win, and beer, nachos and friends made up for the game's outcome. I then headed back to the apt. Talked to the crew to figure out if there was anything going on and of course the Party Planner knew the djs at two bars. We hit the first, this joint called the Middlesex Lounge. I had been there once before and the dj was hot, mixed in current stuff with funk from the 70s and 80s pop. The first song I heard when I got there was Nightshift by the Commodores, I knew the night was going to be good from then. The Party Planner and her peeps arrived and we chilled there for a minute. The music was good, but there was something off about the crowd. Maybe they were too old, or lacked rhythm, not sure…I’m usually all for the olds and awkward having a good time, but there was something else wrong, I think we all felt it, so we bounced out to this jumpoff called Saint. The Party Planner knew the dj there and one of the bartenders, so free drinks were going down. We go dance, mingle, head back to the front bar and who do I see coming down the stairs, my man Flynn from high school who now lives in Nashville. Man, idk why, but I got crazy emotional, him and I go way back, and with him down south, we hardly ever get to chill. Even at his wedding this spring, he had to be under control, so it wasn’t typical foolishness. Literally 20 seconds after exchanging man hugs, Flynn is buying rounds of Irish Carbombs, trouble. Let’s just say the night gets blurry after that, and the next thing I know, my crew is at News for breakfast. Ah Eggs Benedict at 2:30am, so so good.

At the end of the night, my boy gives me a lift back to my car and had a bottle of maple syrup fresh from Vermont for me. He's new woman is up there and I was telling him how once you have fresh genuine maple syrup you can't go back to the crap they sell in the supermarket. That's a friend for you man...I get home and crash on the couch.

Sunday comes and I'm on the couch most of the day before it's time to drive back to to the folks place and head to Gillette Stadium for the Pats/Eagles game. We decide not to tailgate cause most of our crew is running late. We get to our seats and settle in with a couple large Killian's Reds. As a football fan, I was happy to see a close game. At half time, I met up with my old boss and his wife. My old boss is only a year older than me, so we have a great relationship. We catch up a bit, talk about the "old times" and how we need get the old job crew out to a Celtics game before heading back to the seats. Asante Samuel picks off what seems to be AJ Feely's worst pass of the night and the game is over. I go to the vendors and buy 2 hot dogs and a pretzel for $2, best deal ever at the Stadium. Time to head home and pass out...

Luckily I took Monday off to sleep in and get some more school work done. Honestly, this was one of the best TG weekends in recent memory. Now we're in the holiday season and shit is going down every weekend...no sleep til 2008...

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