Friday, November 30, 2007

iPod Friday

This Friday sucks, I have class tonight, but at least my Ace Rob will be in town and we get to hang out some on Saturday..horray beer! To the music...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Work Lull

Today is one of those days at work where for some reason absolutely nothing is coming my way. Email, got nothing but baseball(Santana trade rumors) and football(NFL Network) chatter from my boys. Phone, just one call this morning, put together some numbers, and it was out the door. I swear all my jobs throughout my time as a working professional have been like this. I get ridiculously busy 2 weeks a month, and the other 2 weeks I kinda just coast. I guess this happens because of two reasons. 1) When work is on my desk, I plow through it. I don't take breaks, lunch or anything else. I just get the job done. This in turn leads me to finish things quite fast. 2) The nature of my job is based around data. But until that data is loaded and reconciled, unless there is random ad-hoc reports to do, I'm just chillin'. I mostly deal with monthly data, but now and then weekly data gets handled. Now some of you may take this for laziness, but it really isn't. My company does these things called one on ones. Basically weekly one on one meetings with your direct supervisor. At first I thought these were crazy, like micromanagement. But I've come to see the value in them. They keep me engaged with my manager and it usually sets up my schedule for the upcoming week and allows me to prioritize my work load. So every week a bunch of things get handed off to me. The problem is what I referred to as #1, instead of taking 5 days to get through them I get it all done in 2 or 3, 4 if you catch me in the second week of the month. But back to my point, my mgr knows exactly what's on my plate every week, and gets copied on all the ad-hoc requests that come my way, so she knows I get plenty of stuff to do. Also, I always tell her if she needs to push some stuff on me, feel free.

So this "problem" so to speak causes problems twofold. 1) Everyone else around me seems to be buzzing all the time. Of course when people work in departments like distribution and compliance they need to be on their game daily. But I just wonder if I'm really not pulling my weight, or if come review time this will be an issue. I've been told great things so far, but am I really doing enough. 2) When not "working" I have to come up with creative ways to look busy. We all know about that. My problem is that I'm in a heavy traffic area and I can't see when people are behind me. I've gotten really good at listening to footsteps, but still, it's hard to really get into a blog posting while I'm on alert. So today, to seem productive I'm doing on line training that's not due until January. What else, I made a nifty spreadsheet that will need to be distributed and updated to the field, I think my boss thought it would take me a couple days to do it. God bless vlookup. But while doing these, I flip back and front between my Google Reader and meebo. I'm writing this post, but I do it in Outlook. What sucks is the formatting gets screwed up during the pasting into blogger. If I had any motivation I'd do school work now, which involves excel, so it looks work related. BLAH!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post TG Update

So I guess it’s time for the obligatory Thanksgiving recap that most if not all bloggers write. Yeah mine is a tad late, but I got things to do these days. Anyway, let’s begin with Wednesday, the professed biggest party night of the year. How on earth did this get wheels? I’ve been out plenty of times on Thanksgiving Eve and imo, Halloween and NYE top it. Unless you’re still living in the same town you went to high school in, and all the successful people come back for the holiday to laugh at all the losers that never made it out, then this should not be the biggest party night of the year. Anyway, instead of going out, I stayed in and hung out with the Lady since we would be going out separate ways for the majority of the weekend.

Thursday we got up fairly early, cleaned the apt a little, sorted some laundry to take to our parents homes and she rolled out. I chilled for a moment making sure to grab all the crap I was going to need until Saturday, clothes, stuff for class, dvds and assorted other crap. Then it was off to the fam. I arrived and Dad was cooking up some breakfast sandwiches, always good stuff. Then Mom got burning in the kitchens, my folks house has two kitchens, actually three, but the two in the main house is because it was built by and lived in by a Portuguese architect and there is some old school thing they have about multiple kitchens. The house also has bidets in the bathrooms, which is probably one of the things I miss most about not living there. Knowing your ass is shower fresh clean all the time is a tremendously good feeling. Anyway, about 15 mins into the Lions game, my Dad cracks open the scotch I bought him, and we proceed to drink scotch and beer(not mixed), a weird combo he’s been all about for awhile. The apps start to come out and I’m scarfing. Eventually sooner than later the oil is hot enough in the fryer to dunk the bird in. More drinking and football watching before we chow. I’m still stuffed from the meatballs, asian wings, ribs and shrimp I ate as apps, so I can only get through one plate, and that’s without hitting up the lasagna. I eat, and pass out from the itis. I wake up and cut a slice of pie and toss some ice cream on it as my final portion of the night before falling back asleep on the couch. Good day.

Friday I started the day watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, decent, but far from great. Began writing a paper due this week, and before I knew it I had to head to the Lady’s folks place to meet up and go out to dinner with her bro, his wife, her cousin and his wife. All cool peeps, but they have all had babies recently and one is expecting again. So I knew the convo was going to be all baby talk…which it was for 90 mins. Dinner ended and I sat at the bar and watched the Celtics and Lakers. Night over, drove back to the fam and crashed.

Saturday got up and went to a local sports bar to watch UVA and Tech. UVA was awful, but I wasn't expecting a win, and beer, nachos and friends made up for the game's outcome. I then headed back to the apt. Talked to the crew to figure out if there was anything going on and of course the Party Planner knew the djs at two bars. We hit the first, this joint called the Middlesex Lounge. I had been there once before and the dj was hot, mixed in current stuff with funk from the 70s and 80s pop. The first song I heard when I got there was Nightshift by the Commodores, I knew the night was going to be good from then. The Party Planner and her peeps arrived and we chilled there for a minute. The music was good, but there was something off about the crowd. Maybe they were too old, or lacked rhythm, not sure…I’m usually all for the olds and awkward having a good time, but there was something else wrong, I think we all felt it, so we bounced out to this jumpoff called Saint. The Party Planner knew the dj there and one of the bartenders, so free drinks were going down. We go dance, mingle, head back to the front bar and who do I see coming down the stairs, my man Flynn from high school who now lives in Nashville. Man, idk why, but I got crazy emotional, him and I go way back, and with him down south, we hardly ever get to chill. Even at his wedding this spring, he had to be under control, so it wasn’t typical foolishness. Literally 20 seconds after exchanging man hugs, Flynn is buying rounds of Irish Carbombs, trouble. Let’s just say the night gets blurry after that, and the next thing I know, my crew is at News for breakfast. Ah Eggs Benedict at 2:30am, so so good.

At the end of the night, my boy gives me a lift back to my car and had a bottle of maple syrup fresh from Vermont for me. He's new woman is up there and I was telling him how once you have fresh genuine maple syrup you can't go back to the crap they sell in the supermarket. That's a friend for you man...I get home and crash on the couch.

Sunday comes and I'm on the couch most of the day before it's time to drive back to to the folks place and head to Gillette Stadium for the Pats/Eagles game. We decide not to tailgate cause most of our crew is running late. We get to our seats and settle in with a couple large Killian's Reds. As a football fan, I was happy to see a close game. At half time, I met up with my old boss and his wife. My old boss is only a year older than me, so we have a great relationship. We catch up a bit, talk about the "old times" and how we need get the old job crew out to a Celtics game before heading back to the seats. Asante Samuel picks off what seems to be AJ Feely's worst pass of the night and the game is over. I go to the vendors and buy 2 hot dogs and a pretzel for $2, best deal ever at the Stadium. Time to head home and pass out...

Luckily I took Monday off to sleep in and get some more school work done. Honestly, this was one of the best TG weekends in recent memory. Now we're in the holiday season and shit is going down every sleep til 2008...

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Not Like Cold Pizza...

So I literally was just clicking through channels on TV and landed on one of the Jesus channels were some kids were talking about heaven and how no one really knows what it feels like to be in heaven. So my out loud response was "Heaven feels like eternally being in a warm vagina." But then I got to thinking, is there such thing as a cold vagina? I mean, it's inside the body, it has to be warm right? The only way I think anyone could experience a cold vagina is if they happened to be a necrophiliac. I guess there was no need for the warm to describe what I think heaven is like.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Randy Moss: MVP?

I typically would not link a story to my blog, especially a Jason Whitlock article, but I think this is pretty damn valid...

Get Yo'Self Some Turkey...Fried if You're Lucky...

Hey all,
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if the mood strikes me and I'm drunk enough on the Glenrothes who knows what could end up on here. Along with feasting and watching the NFL, I'll be engrossed in the UVa-Va-Tech game for the opportunity to meet Boston College in the ACC championship. Go Hoos!!!! Love life my people!

Note: I'm an idiot, I thought the UVA-Tech game was today, it's Saturday...I'm a jackass...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So I'm being forced to watch the Oprah's Favorite Things episode with the Lady. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. I have no problem with people getting free stuff, and I'd be excited about getting a free $800 digital video camera, which is the most expensive thing on the show after just 10mins, allegedly there is more to come. Anyway, all these women are yelling hysterically and some are actually crying over getting free cupcakes and blenders, I shit you not, blenders. I'm not kidding about the crying either, some of these women are in tears over being at this show. I mean, it's damn cool Oprah does this, but she also makes it seem like this is some covert Navy Seal mission to hide these gifts. It's like FedEx is the new arm of the Secret Service. Here's the really crazy thing, she's in Macon, GA, where 45% of the population watch her show daily. Do these people work? What kind of town is this, how does it operate on a daily basis?

Okay, now they are going nuts over a sandwich...I mean wtf...So now I'm impressed, a refrigerator with an HDTV in/on it...but hell, when would I use it, the kitchen is for the women...haha...I keed I keed...and now we're back to these women being pathetic, they are going back shit over sorbet...jeebus christ, cupcakes, sandwiches and time you chicks are complaining about how you can't fit into your jeans blame Oprah...

Ah, now she's giving away clothes fit for a 300lbs person. Good call Opes, chub up all the women in the world and make them comfortable about it. Let's add a dvd collection so these people can continue to pile on the pounds during the 23 hours they aren't watching Oprah. A woman just grabbed her chest like she was having a heart attack over a $250 gift card to Target...when I think gift cards I think Banana Republic, Pottery Barn, but Target....whatever floats your boat...

Enough...I need some hooters to remasculate me...

iPod Friday...on Wednesday

Since this week is abbreviated due to Thanksgiving, we'll have iPod Friday today! Huzzah for dancing in my underpants...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Take a Second Look...

So mentioned in one of the first posts ever, I'm a big fan of the female backside. It's a wonderful thing, and I like all different types, I even like what my friends have deemed the cracker ass. This is the ass that has little shape to it at all, and is almost as flat as a pancake, but for some reason it looks right on some women. Usually taller, skinny women have this characteristic. But here's when the cracker ass goes wrong, and that's when women wear jeans that allow the back pockets on the jeans to fold up where the ass meets the back of the thigh. This look is terrible. Do you women realize this when you try on the jeans? Probably not since you can't see your ass while walking, and a stand alone look in the mirror in a changing room won't show the pocket fold. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with you in general, just the style of jean you choose. Pick something with smaller pockets, or pockets that aren't positioned so low. Or better yet, don't wear jeans at all and stick with skirts and black pants, or anything without a pocket in the back area. Just a helpful hint from DCD, cause I love ya...

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Weekend Went...

Ah, another Monday, how the weekend comes and goes so quickly. So here's a little recap. Friday night, I chilled in and watched Transformers, the Michael Bay version. Not bad at all. It was fun seeing certain tie ins with the original series. Like how Bumblebee was actually sitting next to a yellow VW bug when he was first introduced, and how Prime was able to generate an axe made of energy from his arm as he was able to in the first episode of the original series. I was a little angry that Jazz, clearly a black character was killed off. This better mean Soundwave and/or Blaster will be in the second movie. I was also disappointed that Ironhide wasn’t a redneck. That was part of his charm in the cartoon. He was like an old southern grandfather, but not racist. Prime is still clearly the man. I really can't think of another cartoon character that all other cartoon characters should bow down to other than Optimus. Megatron as anything other than a hand gun just doesn't do it for me. I mean these robots have ridiculous weapons and in the movie actually kill humans, so you're telling me the idea of Megatron transforming into a gun sends the message of violence that's stronger than what's already in the script? I also wish they were able to use the original voices of Megatron and Starscream. I'm assuming Starscream will play a much bigger role in the second movie based on the open ending of the first, and that Galvatron will most likely be created from Megatron. Frenzy and Devastator were probably my fav Decepticons in the movie. Frenzy because he reminded me of the Krimzek character from the original series and Devastator because he just looked badass in his vehicle mode. Other than Prime, Bumblebee was cool, but seriously, he was a puss in series, now he's a pimp and basically hooks up Sam with the hotness Megan Fox. Kind of weird. Anyway, being the geek I am, I started searching the web for leaks on the second movie. My guesstimation is that the series will run similar to the original Star Wars trilogy, where good wins in the first, evil triumphs in the second and good eliminates evil in the third.

Saturday I got a haircut, and met up with my dad to go to a Lexus driving event. You get to go to a closed course and test drive all the models. We've done this with Mercedes-Benz and GM in the past. I have to say, I'm not in love with Lexus. Their low end models are just too small. The RX SUV is far from an acceptable SUV. The GS and LS were pretty nice, but if you're going to spend that kind of money on a car, just get a Benz, Acura or Infiniti instead.

Later that night I went to see Dane Cook. I don't care if people are turning against him and his comedy styling and those damn MLB commercials, the man is funny. His movies might suck, but his stand up is great. It's been awhile since I laughed for 90mins straight at a comedy show. Sunday I went to buy new jeans, I have a new obsession with nice jeans. Like jeans that cost over $150. The washes just look awesome. But I can't find a pair that fit me right. Most notably, I'm all into the Seven for all Mankind brand. But no matter what pair I try, I end up with a moose knuckle, and thee is nothing pretty about that. I will find a pair that fits damn it! Then I bought a new phone on-line. I needed to upgrade badly since my current phone still has the old red Sprint logo on it. I hate Sprint phones in general, but their plans are just so much better than the rest of the major carries, that I just deal with not having the options in handsets like Verizon customers.

Hopefully being Thanksgiving week it'll be slow in the office. If so, that means more from the dome of DCD.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Everything I Love: A New Series

So I've decided every once in awhile I'm going to write about something I genuinely enjoy, things that I am passionate about. This idea was spawn while engrossed in the search for free porn on the internet, a never ending journey all men are involved in. There is plenty of porn out there, but there is never enough, we all need something new on the regular. Anyway, I stumbled upon a site (NSFW) and it took my breath away. Strangely because I typically don't dig still photos, but this site truly embraced what I love about the female form, and most importantly the beauty of the vagina. This my friends is what I love. Now I'm not talking about pussy. All heterosexual men love pussy. Pussy is something you fuck, vagina is God's art work. Most men probably don't really like vagina. Some refuse to please it orally, they complain about it potentially being loose, and a bunch of other BS. But I seriously have a love for vagina, well...a nice vagina. The site linked above has the most perfect vags I've ever seen. It's such an amazing part of the body. I dig it all, and there isn't one type I don't like. Large clitoris, small clitoris, cute little labia, labia that are all out there, puffy vagina or vag that has no protrusion at all. I simply love them. I've examined women's vaginae like I was a gynecologist.

Now there are some things that is necessary for a nice vag. One, it has to be clean. Clean means as little odor, hopefully none, as possible. It should also be well groomed. Waxed, shaved whatever...but no significant bush, it's necessary to see the details. An ideal vagina has no razor bumps or other bumps from say STDs, yuck. Although it's more of a visual thing, taste is a big deal too. Now although I have no idea what these girls taste like, I'd like to imagine they taste like skin. I know that sounds weird, but clean skin doesn't have a taste to begin with, so you should get where I'm coming from, and vagina is all skin. Nothing like vagina right out of the shower. A person may say, "Well all the girls on that site are skinny and attractive, do you like vaginae on fat, ugly women?" The simply answer is no. A big sloppy gut probably means a big sloppy, smelly, hairy vagina. Also, if I'm not attracted to the chick in other areas prior to seeing the vagina, I'm not going make the enough to see her vagina.

Anyway, this concludes my first Everything I Love post...and I am glad the vagina was the jump off subject...

iPod Fridays

So I guess the Lady is feeling good today, while in the shower she switched the boxers I had originally laid out with some that have little hearts on them...she bought these not me...not a bad way to start the morning, and on top of that, I think it's a particularly good iPod Friday...I personally feel like I introduced the first song to the UVa party scene back in the day...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hell Week...

Def not in the fraternal sense...but between work, school, home and's been a week of hell...but at least I have lots of idea stockpiling for next week...

Friday, November 9, 2007

iPod Fridays

And now the second installment of iPod Fridays. As described last week, on Friday mornings I get to dance around my apt by myself to celebrate getting through the week. Some people go out for a drink, others smoke, I dance...well I imbibe too, but not at 8am. Anyway, let's hit it...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Commenting, It's a Tough Job, but Someone's Gotta Do It...

So in my short time stepping up to the keyboard and blogging again, I have realized blogging is hard. It's funny, I have at least 5 different ideas to write about during the day, but by the time I actually have a free moment to write about them, poof...they have disappeared. Maybe I should carry around a tape recorder like Norm McDonald in Dirty Work. I still laugh like a 12 year old whenever I hear "Note to self, buy ass wart cream for giant wart on ass." I'm actually giggling to myself right now. Anyway, as hard as blogging is, keeping up with blogs and commenting on posts is even harder. I probably have close to a hundred subscriptions on my Google reader, not all are active, but those that are active fill up my unread list like crazy. It's a task just to get my items to read down to under 70 by the end of the day. Kinda sad that I actually consider that a daily task...So not only is reading time consuming, but let's say you want to be really involved in the life of a blogger, then you have to start commenting. So then, the first issue is that, well, you have to read everything. Second, you have to read it in a timely fashion, commenting on a post 3 days after it was written just doesn't have the same effect. I'm a commenter on Deadspin under a totally different name. Not because I'm funny, I just happen to be good friends with the combudsman Rob Iracane from back in the day, so when he got the job, he offered me the comment ability. It's always about who you know in life. Anyway, Deadspin is like a showcase of talent, and people literally wait for posts to publish so they can get their funny on. By the time I get around to reading the article there have been about 35 comments on it and one if not more has already made the point/joke I was going to make. Not crying sour grapes, but seriously, it's like a job to be a commenter on there. I was considering going to the Newark Pants Party, but no one will have a clue who I am. I comment on the Fanhouse now and then, but that's usually to point out the errors in logic of some other commenter, and trust me, some of the Fanhouse posters are complete morons, and I based this simply on things like using all caps or all lowercase, writing everything in IM speak, or the constant cursing out of people that lambasted them for their one-sided opinions. A few other blogs I'll comment on once in awhile, and there is maybe one blog I truly stay committed to commenting on, but's not easy out there...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Peeves DCD?

For no good reason, I've decided to post things I severely dislike these days (hate is too strong a word). Let's begin:

I Heart _________

This is just so awful, if you love something, just say so. Seriously, can someone let me know the point of this?

Something McSomethingElse

Okay, I'll admit, I watched Grey's Anatomy the first two seasons, and the whole McDreamy thing was fine, then came McSteamy, that's when I turned the show off. Afterwards Steely McBeam showed up, and that absolutely killed it. The greatest "Mc" name of all time was Tipsy McStagger, and I refuse to specifically name where it comes from because if you don't know, I probably shouldn't be your friend anyway. But this came out back in 1991. It's been 16 years people, let it die!

Why are some people still poppin' their collars? It was a moronic trend when it first came out, and the fact that some people are still holding on to it baffles me. I am not a violent person by nature, but the urge to punch these douches in the face always flows through me when I see anyone walking around looking like this. I'm all for freedom of expression, but seriously, all that's being expressed here is douchery.

How did that Soulja Boy song get so popular? It really is the dumbest song I have heard in years, and there are plenty of dumb songs out there. But I do notice that all the YouTube videos and such are from Southern schools, which could be the answer to my question as is. But is this hot in NYC or LA? Is it getting play because there is a simplistic dance associated with it? That's probably it. Like the Electric Slide/Macarena, this song allows people who really can't dance the idea that they can dance. When I hear it in Boston and I immediately wonder how can a city with so many college educated people get down to this foolishness. But...I do laugh at the concept of Supermanning a ho. Trust me, if I thought the Lady would take it as a joke, it would have been done months ago.

Anyone that consistently does something else while driving. This includes:

  • talking on a cell phone (hands free/bluetooth I have no issues with)
  • putting on make-up
  • reading the newspaper or any book (a singular page of directions is fine)
  • checking out yourself in any mirror (allowable at a stop light very briefly)
  • talking at the passengers and not to passengers (talking at specifically causes a person to look away from the road and at the passenger for several seconds at a time)
  • anything which prevents a driver from realizing a light is no longer red
  • stopping and waiting when there is not a No Turn on Red sign
  • getting in the wrong lane and at the last minute deciding they want to switch out
  • not using a turn signal
  • not noticing that there is a big delivery truck double parked in the right lane, bypassing all the traffic in the left lane, and expecting to be allowed to back into the people who waited their turn

I've gotten to the point where I'm putting my own car at risk to prove my point to these people. For example, the delivery truck thing happened yesterday, and this dude decided he wasn't going to stop and get into my lane when there was space, he was going force his way in because he drove an Acura MDX. So what did I do, I kept on driving with the intent of having him hit me (yes, I know not smart, but he drove an Acura, and I figured he didn't want to damage his vehicle), and luckily I drive an SUV as well, so I'd be pretty safe in such a collision. But he realized he wasn't getting in, and then pulled up to me with the "You're an asshole, and I'm entitled look." So I gave him the black man stare, which basically says, "If you want to fuck with me, I will fuck you up." The great thing about being black is that you don't actually have to be able to fuck a guy up, most people just think you're packin' anyway, so just the look is usually enough. But I digress, the bottom line is it annoys me. And if you do anything like the above mentioned, apologetically wave to the person you dicked over, trust simply gesture can turn a situation from potential road rage to a forgotten instance.

More on the brain coming later...

Monday, November 5, 2007

So Clearly I'm a Mind Reader...

So I’ve never claimed to know anything about women. I know something about baseball and football. I know how to dance and how to make other people dance. I know a little bit about single malt scotch, and I know how to use excel, but women, I know zilch. So anyway, the Lady and I have been having problems for the last month. I thought things were getting better, I even received a Halloween card and candy in my laptop bag last week. Then all of a sudden, the war is on again this weekend. She gets mad because I didn’t ask her how her Friday night was, mind you I had no idea she even had plans that night. I was going to the Celtics season opener, which also entails going out to bars afterwards. So when I came home, she was asleep on the couch with the tv on. My assumption, she fell asleep on the couch which watching tv. So why would I ask how her night was? I was never told she was going out. No email, no text, no call. If anyone should be upset it’s me right? Or am I wrong? But regardless, I was glad she went out, I encourage her outings. But anyway, she took it as me not having an interesting in her life. Huh? How could I have an interest if I didn’t know what you were doing? So, talks about breaking up are resurfacing. Not fun times, but DCD rolls on. As always some lyric gets in my head for the situation: "Girl I gotta do what I gotta do, change my life, make things right..." for better or worse...

Friday, November 2, 2007

iPod Fridays Are Here

So every Friday when I have the apt to myself in the morning, I turn on my iPod and get up offa my thang, and work out all the jive that has built up during the week. So anyway, my iPod is always set to random and I never have playlists set up, so I figured I'd posted the songs that made me feel good before heading out, they don't have to be harlem shakers or anything like that. Now I'm not saying I have the best taste in music, but I have a fun taste in music, and that's good enough for me....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

We're Giving Away Rings!!! Who Wants One?!?!

Okay, so the Sox won the World Series, we all know that, and back in 2004, they gave out somewhere around the neighborhood of 500 championship rings. Now that's an awful lot considering only 25 men make the playoff roster, but I think back then it was an honorable thing to do. Obviously the players, managers, staff, trainers, owners, execs, etc...all the people that had a direct effect on what took place on the field, whether it was playing, keeping guys healthy, or paying and signing players, they deserved a ring. But then the front office, the announcers, the NESN people, and practically anyone that worked for the organization got a ring too...which was fine imo as well, if I worked in finance for the Sox, I would damn sure want a ring too. I'm pretty sure the Pats do the same thing as I have a high school buddy that works in accounting for the Pats and he got a ring for their last championship. Then finally, a lot of the retired guys that still have a deep rooted association with the Sox got a ring, the Johnny Peskys, the Luis Tiants, the Yazs, and I think that was a classy act, honor those that came before while celebrating the now. But that was 2004. It's 2007 now, and from what I have heard, the band The Dropkick Murphys is being considered by the Sox brass to receive rings?!!?? Are you freakin' kidding me?!!?! All they do is play this annoying song Tessie, which is horrible, and I don't care if it is the adopted theme of the Sox, it's just such a bad cover it's not even funny. I think they play the song Papelbon does his jig to as well, but is this deserving of a ring?!?!? This is a joke. Down South, where high school football is king, when you're on a championship team and you get a ring, it mean something, get respect even as a drunk, out of work, washed up shell of yourself...but these guys, what kind of respect should they get?!!? They aren't part of the organization; they are simply fans that covered a song that for whatever reason got picked up by the Sox. Now, I'm not saying the band is at fault at all, if the Sox said "DCD, we want you to have a ring because drank a lot of beer at Fenway this season," I'm getting my finger sized immediately. But the Sox brass has to draw the line somewhere, these rings are supposed to be precious, and designed for those that truly earned them, not some clunky band that was in the right place at the right time.