Thursday, October 4, 2007


So here's something I just don't my office on my floor the men's bathroom has three stalls to do your dirty when that point in the day comes you're hustling to get in there and have a sit you should be able to find a it's understandable that some times the urinals are full and a guy has to use a stall to problem....but why the F can't you lift up the g-d seat?!?!?! Not only that, but is your wang so uncontrollable that you can't piss into the bowl and not all over the seat?!!? I often wonder if people have their kids in and the kids make this mess? But I never see or hear kids on my floor so I doubt that...but even if you're a grown ass man, how come you can't clean off the seat?!?! What is wrong with these people?!!?? It's no joy to run into the bathroom clinching your ass and then realize you need to spend time cleaning up some asshole's piss. I seriously think this needs to be some sort of intelligence test, if you can't figure out how to lift a toilet seat, or can't aim and clean up, you should be forced into an institution for people that cannot function in public and pretty much ridiculed by everyone until you learn how to piss in the bowl and/or clean up your piss...

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