Monday, October 22, 2007

The Hub of Sports

So instead of posting some ridiculous story about how my life is getting more screwed up by the day, I figured I would do what thousands of sports writers and just as many bloggers in the New England area are doing and talk about how great it is to be a fan in New England these days. I'm not doing this because I'm attempting to be obnoxious or anything like that, but as a true Boston sports fan, I'm just ecstatic right now.

First, how absurd are the Patriots? I mean seriously, 42 points in the first half? And I know it was against the Dolphins, so I'm not claiming this as a big time win, but the play was effortless. Tom Brady is either god or pulled off a deal with the devil because what he is able to do right now simply isn't fair. I really want to point out how amazing the offensive line is this year. Brady NEVER gets touch and literally can hang out in the pocket until a receiver gets open, which always seems to happen this year. I mean, between Moss, Welker and Stallworth, someone is always available. I'm trying not to look passed the Redskins, but the Colts game in 2 weeks will really be the determining factor on how good this team really is, and if it is realistically time to crown their asses.

As for the Red Sox, well, I'm thrilled...but maybe not as thrilled as other fans simply because they should be there. The Sox spent A TON of money in the off-season. Dice-K, Drew and Lugo all cost big bucks, and the acquisitions/extensions from prior years, Varitek, Schilling, Beckett and Lowell were not cheap either. The team had an advantage against every other team in the league from the get go. No other team had the same amount of balance at the plate, starting pitching and relief pitching as the Sox. So I'm glad they made it, and I'm not gloating, but when you spend to win now, you better win now. On the other side of that though, at least few players are on the roster that is just young talent excelling. Youk, Pedroia, Ellsbury/Crisp, Okajima, Paps, Delcarman and Buchholtz(not on the playoff roster, but still a contributor during the regular season) are all signs that it's not just spending wildly, but that our farm system and eye for talent elsewhere is pretty good. I think I was so vested in this year's team because of the decision that management made to play for 2007 and worry about 2008 later. Schilling will most likely be gone, Varitek, although the best in game manager in the league is showing signs of decline, Lowell had a tremendous season and will gage the market place based on what A-Rod signs for, and the decision to keep or trade Manny will come up again as usual. But anyway, I'm happy...things are good within the Nation and I hope to be celebrating on Landsdowne St again like I did in 2004.


Eric said...

You don't want to go messing with God's team.

Eric said...

The people demand more posts!