Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The City of Brotherly Love

So I’ve been on business in Philly for the last 2 and a half days…nothing much to write home about, even though Philly seems much cooler as an adult than when I used to come here while I was in high school. Had this awesome dinner at this place Buddakan last night, god bless expensed meals, but I highly recommend it to anyone. We ate a lot and not one thing was bad. The highlights were def the calamari salad and duck in my opinion, the Sea Bass was really good to. Otherwise, the conference I’m at is kind of a bore...just not getting much out of it, so I might try and get to the airport early to see if I can jump on a earlier flight back home. All the other people I'm here with are taking off early or just skipping out on the last session, so why not do the same? Plus, I still have work to do for my classes this week, including going out to buy a new calculator because that's the only way you can work on finance these days. Seriously, I have this freakin $200 calculator(well it cost $200 about 12 years ago) and since I can't find the instructions, I have to buy another financial calculator so I can calculate the rate of return on a 15 year annuity, blah, blah blah....what a waste. My boy Ezel was going to come up for the weekend, but his work threw a wrench into the mix and now he can't make it....bastards. That would have helped take my mind off the heartbreak the Sox are causing me…anyway, I’ll have a more focused entry at some point in the near future….like tomorrow hopefully…

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