Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not Smart

One way or another I remind myself at least on a monthly basis how much of a screw up I can be. Well, this month's reminder came on Sunday night...I was at Gillette Stadium, one of the greatest places on Earth if you're a football fan, and the game was in hand. So, I decide, why not take this opportunity to beat the crowd and walk back to the parking lot to partake in some post game celebrations, consisting of beer, lobster and burgers. Well, because of the nature of the game, Sunday night, home opener, and PatriotGate, my normal parking lot was full, causing me to cross Rt 1 to the other parking lots, which lead to me getting lost, roaming various parking lots for close to 75-90mins, I really have no idea how long I was out there. So I eventually have to pee, and decide to go in the woods, as I'm coming out of the woods, I step on a loose rock and BOOM down I go. Even in my haze, pain consumed my foot and ankle. I tried to stand up and I couldn't put any weight on it at all. So I fell back down and laid in the dirt for at least 20mins, the entire time I'm trying to call my crew, and when I told them I couldn't walk, they thought I was joking...AWESOME.

So eventually I crawl out of the woods and hobble to a nearby stone. I'm sitting there for about 10mins when the local police show up and ask me if I'm alright. Wanting as little contact with them as possible, I just tell them I'm waiting for my ride...from which they respond "Does your ride know where you are?" And at this point, my ride didn't. But whatever, the cops take off and I move to a more lit area closer to the highway. Eventually my phone rings and it's my ride, who had been asleep in the car for the last hour or so, and asks where I am. So 3-5mins later, the car rolls up, I hop in and we're off.

So luckily I had taken Monday off to recover from the activities of the game, which allowed me to make a visit to the doctor and get x-rays on my ankle. Thankfully, there is no damage, and it's just a severe sprain, but I still have to where an aircast, which is just a ankle brace, to stabilize it. The lesson here, well...I guess it's either don't get lost or don't pee in the woods...i have a feeling I will learn from neither...

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