Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Now Pronounce You F'd...

So yesterday I was talking on the phone when the person on the other end tells me about some family friends that are getting divorced. Now, this story seemed to be too ridiculous just for a phone conversation, so I don't know all the details yet, but from what I was told, there is a restraining order out on the husband, the wife had to get a dog for protection, the husband has frozen all their assets(which are very sizable) and at least one of the kids isn't speaking to his father. Why do I write about this? Because it totally backs up my belief that marriage is an antiquated tradition that is pretty much unnecessary and can lead to more harm than good.

Now, let me first state that I'm not saying I don't think people should stop getting married, or that there are not good, working, functional, loving marriages out there. I've been involved in a few weddings where I truly believe what these people have is real. But, for the majority of the nation, I'll keep in local and not global, marriage is a joke. The divorce rate is ridiculous, something between 33-50%, that alone scares me, 'cause I'm a gambler, and I play to win, and I don't like odds that in my life that only give me a 67% chance at best. I seriously don't think people know what love is, because it's simply something you can't people have this belief that they are in love and life is perfect, which it might be at that time. Then the two people run off, get married, celebrate, take lots of pictures...and then a few years later, and in some cases months, something weird happens...the person you fell in love with isn't that same person anymore. The two people become more irritated with each other more easily. Sometimes money is the issue and love can't get some people through tough times. The boredom of the bedroom can cause infidelity, which is kinda messed up imo too because as animals, biologically, it's wired in our brains to mate with as many people as possible to spread our genes, not that people have sex for that reason, but that element along with a boring, monotonous sex life leads people to stray.

But the biggest problem with marriage is that when the final straw has been broken, you have to hire people to get out of it. That is where the most fatal flaw of this institution lays imo. There is nothing I want in my personal life, business is a different story, where if things aren't working out I have to obtain a lawyer to settle my own assets. What happened to take with what you came with? And I understand, assets grow with time, and people contribute to the growth in different ways, but just put a percentage on what a person was contributing and move on. Now of course it's not as easy as that, but that again is part of the point, if you don't get married you never have to deal with that element. Then you throw kids in the mix...when people have children out of wedlock there are still legal implications of child support, visitation rights and such, but the kids don't become pawns as many do become in messy divorces. That's not fair to the children at all, but the hate and greed that some marriage develop into make people forget about something more important than their own self-interest.

I think a lot of people convince themselves they need to be married because it's the right thing to do(societal norms), or because everyone around them is married or because they don't want to get old alone...that's all the root of the problem. You can live a perfectly normal life just having someone you care about being with you, someone you love, but not necessarily having a document formally state your man and wife, or man and man or woman and woman, here at Scotch on the Rocks we're very supportive of that lifestyle decision. Once the law becomes involved too many things leave the individual's hands, and I'm not sure this guy really wants to chance that loss of power.

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