Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For the Love of My Teams

So today I'm going to discuss one of my passions, sports...like most men, I love sports...baseball, football, college basketball top my list, with the NBA, golf, women's tennis, beach volleyball and college football(strictly for gambling purposes) come in on the second tier. Anyway, over the last three weeks in particular, my favorite teams have come under fire like crazy...see, I'm from Boston, so I love my Patriots and Red Sox...but it seems like every other day I read something about how much other people hate those teams and even more so, their fans...now, I'm a Boston fan, and I do hate Boston fans for the most part as well. Let me clarify, typical Boston fans are morons, they are loud, drunk, quick to criticize and believe they know everything there is about the game. One of my first eye opening moments was while I was attending a Sox game a few years back and a guy deemed the Excited Southerner tried to explain to his date that Pedro Martinez would not be able to throw inside if he played on an NL team, but because of the DH in the AL, he was able to. Now, although this guy may not have been a Bostonian, he had a southern accent hence the name, he's still a good example of how many moron fans in Boston think. One other thing, the best way to classify a Boston moron from a decent Boston fan is when and where s/he gets involved in a Yankees Suck chant. Now, I cannot deny I have yelled this in the heat of the moment in my younger years, but over the course of time, I just think it's stupid. The Yanks don't suck and although we have a rivalry with them, I have quite a lot of respect for those guys, not that they need my respect. Mo Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, Jeter, Matsui and Cano, guys I think are great players and are probably decent guys off the field as well. The only guy I really don't like is A-Rod and that stems from his slapping of the baseball away from Bronson Arroyo's glove, but as a pure baseball player, the guy is a god. Anywho, back to the chant, your typical Boston moron will yell Yankees Suck at any time and any place...I have been to several Boston Celtics games where people start yelling Yankees Suck, I mean come on....it's the off season, what's the point, because someone was wearing a Yankees hat in the Garden...morons. Same at Gillette Stadium, guess what, no one can hear you yell this foolishness...do you feel good about yourself, does this enable you with some mystical power? Idk, and frankly I don't want to know. Yelling Yankees Suck at the Jets bench really doesn't do anything to the players, maybe it confuses them for a second because of the idiocy of the idea that jeering a baseball team would put a football team in a bad mood. But I digress...

The Red Sox and the Patriots are phenomenal teams, period. People complain about Sox fans being bandwagoners. I would say that's false, see Boston is a college town. People move here from all areas for 4 years or longer, usually with little allegiance to a particular team, and then often leave for a warmer year long climate, but by then they become assimilated into the fandom. They develop the love for the team through others that have been with the Sox for life. Once those new fans get a taste, for whatever reason, it stays with them, and RSN literally spans the nation.

As for "panic" mode...yeah I a lot of fans have become worried about losing the division to the Yankees and are all freaked out. BFD, the goal is the playoffs, where anything can happen, winning the division does not ensure playoff success...the Sox were the first team to clinch a playoff berth and people still get all goofy about the standings. Relax, the Yankees had an amazing second half, which was expected with that line up. And the Sox are still a .600 club for the year, which is pretty good imo.

Those are just a few things that bother me about Sox fans because it makes normal Sox fans look like buffoons because we're automatically grouped in with these people, it also brings down the basic element that the team is good and that judgment upon them should not be supported on the actions of the fan base...which brings me to the Pats...why do people hate this team so much? Because it has allegedly destroyed the thing people love about the NFL, parity? There have been dynasties in the NFL for the last 30-40 years...it's what happens in every major sport, but why the hate of the Patriots? I don't remember the country hating the Niners? And it seemed like a lot of people embraced the Cowboys in the early 90's. The Broncos during their winning years didn't seem to have a league of hate after them. So why the lack of love for the Pats? The team goes out there every week with a play to win attitude, they do their talking on the field. You never hear garbage like "the better team doesn't always win" after a loss. The Pats don't make guarantees about winning games or scoring TDs, they just do it. And as for SpyGate, big freakin' whoop-dee-doo! This was the dumbest scandal in sports history. Honestly, as discussed with a good friend of mine, the whole Rodney Harrison HGH suspension should have caught more attention than stealing signals. God, this is a game that is played once a week and teams don't change their signals? I mean, come one, baseball teams change signals in the middle of an inning, and football teams can't make this adjustment 16 times over the course of a season...ridiculous. And knowing this, organizations would be foolish not to take advantage of this knowledge, and I still believe other teams have done it, but not with the arrogance of Belichick, which definitely got the best of him.

I also think fans are simply jealous of Tom Brady. Who wants to see a guy who's got it all succeed any further? The American way is to shun and ridicule those that achieve great things simply because the on-looker did not. Are you mad you didn't knock up Bridget Moynahan or can't get a date with Giselle? Guess what, you weren't going to do either regardless of Brady's success...Brady could still be behind Bledsoe and you're still sitting there without a Victoria's Secret super model. Maybe fans are upset because players want to come and play in New England and not for your team? Well it wasn't always like that, and luckily we got bought by an owner that actually cared about his team and his fanbase...don't get mad at the Pats for having an outstanding organization head to toe, get angry at your organization for failing to emulate the process and then improving on it.

So anyway, this post is getting too long as it is, the bottom line is, if you hate the Pats or Sox that's fine, but just have a better reason other than their fans or that they are simply too good...I have no problems with you rooting against them, just do it for the spirit of competition and not because you think Curt Schilling is an asshole...

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